We Build and Grow Your Real Estate Empire

With our AirbNB Automation service we build you a virtual property network without ever having to own a piece of property, handling maintenance, or dealing with tenants.

From the desk of Ryan Morgan aka Mr. AllDoneConsulting.com

Dear Future partner,

If you’re tired of

  • Reviewing business opportunities
  • Feeling that you never get the best deal
  • Trying new things only to end in failure

Then I have the perfect solution for you. If you’re reading this letter then you have been handed the keys to making money online.

The Opportunity

Done For You Airbnb Automation.
Let us build you a network of cash flow producing properties.
You sit back and collect 50% of the net profit for the lifetime of the business.

How It Works

Our Proven Process

Step 1 We Identify the Property– we have a team of real estate professionals trained to find and source the best properties in high traffic areas that will organically generate bookings. It is our guarantee that we will source a profitable property.

Step 2 We Handle interior Design + Maintenance– Our interior design team manages your property to optimize experience and comfort for your customers.

Step 3 Content Creation– Our team takes professional photos of your property to generate bookings.

Step 4 Marketing– We use Search Engine Algorithm Optimization on four platforms to ensure that your property generates consistent bookings. We also leverage VVRO, Expedia, and Bookings.com.

Step 5 Maintenance– We hire property managers to handle security & protect your investment.

Step 6 Customer Relations– We handle + win disputes on your behalf to hold tennats accountable.

Step 7 Management– The network of the bookings are funneled into one mother account which is paid out to our investors monthly.

Why This Is The Best Automation Model

1. Flat Fee

Unlike with Ecommerce or Uber where in addition to the service fee you also need to have extra capital to fund inventory or vehicles. With Airbnb automation you simply need to make a one time payment for our services, we handle the rest.

2. Quick and Simple Cash flow

With this model you don’t have to wait to get an account approved or to purchase vehicles or hire drivers. We acquire your property in 2 weeks after you get started. Expect your first check in 2-3 months.

3. Tangible Asset

Unlike ecom where you are investing 10-40K into a digital website that can be shut down at any time, with Airbnb you are free to visit your property at any time.

Outline of Services

– Identities/locates profitable properties
– Set-up proven ParamountBNB profit procedures to each property
– Professionally staging all properties with furniture, decore, layout and installation
– Professional real estate photography
– Listing properties on most popular short term rental platforms
– Hiring and training cleaners
– Hiring and training property maintenance workers
– Tactical listing description copywriting on all platforms
– Handling all account and payouts
– Tactical caption writing
– Strategic photo placement

Services Offered

– Title Copywriting
– Adjust/Optimize setting for SEO algorithm
– Home evaluation to higher average daily rate
– Routine inspections
– Create custom housekeeping manuals create property inventory checklists
– Professional maid service with a personalized experience for guests
– Pricing dynamic tools and resources
– 24/7 personalized customer service for all properties
– Handling guest complaints, making improvements
– Fighting & winning guest disputes and cases
– Monthly performance reports
– Security Upkeep on all properties

How The Opportunity Works

The Cost of Our Airbnb Automation Services:

A One time payment of $20,000 for one property. Two properties for $35,000. We consider $20,000 to be our franchise fee to set up the entire business for you.

Airbnb Automation Will:

1) Allow you to immediately create cash flow, locking in life long residuals.
2) Put you on the fast track to retail arbitrage.
3) Provide you with a wide open market with uncapped potential.

The Terms


For the one time payment of $20,000 you will receive 50% of the profit of your Airbnb Automation business for the lifetime of the company’s existence.

After your purchase you will be entered into an email chain with your account management team with instructions on how to set up and track the growth of your real estate network.

We at All Done Consulting are offering you a 12 month buy back clause which clearly states:
If for any reason you do not receive a profitable return above your principal purchase in 12 months you are entitled to a full refund.

Who is Paramount BNB?


Similarly to any real estate investing firm we use our clients capital to cover our initial expenses while opening up channels for long term cash flow.
You will receive monthly reports giving you updates on the status of your property.
all profits are split 50/50. We cover all ongoing expenses to manage and maintain the property.
Has been generating multiple 6 figure profits on Airbnb for the past 4 years. Currently she’s managing 32 properties and 26 automation clients that have invested $20,000 or more into her services.
All Done Consulting is a third party consulting firm designed to help investors and business flippers to purchase absentee business models that offer predictable monthly cash flow. ADC handles marketing, consultations and client relations on behalf of Paramount BNB.

You get three advantages by going through ADC.

1) Consultation/ Strategy- we take the time to answer all of your questions while also providing you with additional collateral about what it takes to get started with any online business in the past 2 years we’ve worked with over 10 different companies on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, ClickFunnels and Walmart.

2) Additional security- By transacting through All Done Consulting you receive the added benefit of having an additional company co-sign on your 12 month buy back guarantee.

3) Training + Support- By going through ADC you will also receive video training on how to set up a profitable funnel in any niche.

Our agreement is to continue to pay you 50% for one cashflow for the the lifetime of the fund.
Paramount BNB owns the leases of all the properties. Paramount also covers all liability and maintenance to manage and maintain the business.
If you already have a property that you would like us to manage our fee to get started is $5,000 and 25% of the net profit.

3 months not 3 weeks.

As you can imagine following Covid 19 there has been a large demand for ecommerce consulting services due to the fact that so many real estate and brick and mortar investors are now forced to rethink their portfolios. For that reason we are asked this question almost on a daily basis. We used to coordinate and schedule appointments for prospects to speak to our clients but it has gotten to the point where it is a disturbance to them. Our clients didn’t buy an online business to vouch for our company, they did so to purchase passive income. When you buy our store I imagine you won’t want to take 3-5 testimony calls for us per day, will you?

This partnership was created to speed up the growth of both companies while also creating a better deal for you. Now you get to buy Airbnb Automation at a cheaper price with a 12 month money back guarantee from two American companies with a proven multiple 6 figure track record.
I’m offering you a business where you don’t have to do ANYTHING to make money online.
Schedule a Consultation with me if you’re ready to learn more about how to get started with your next online business.
I look forward to seeing you win.
After the call, you’ll know exactly what to do.
We Did the Work. We have the Proof.
It’s All Done.
Ryan Morgan- Mr. AllDoneConsulting.com

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