10 Healthy Habits of Every 7-Figure Earner

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10 Healthy Habits of Every 7-Figure Earner

Have you ever found yourself wondering how some people seem to have it all? They’re happy, healthy and wealthy. Well, if this is something that has crossed your mind recently then I’m here to tell you that the secret isn’t so complicated.

 There are actually 12 things these 7-figure earners do every day which helps them maintain an amazing lifestyle. 

Don’t worry, these habits don’t include any complicated rituals or anything like that. These habits are easy enough for anyone to adopt no matter what their circumstances might be! 

So without further ado let’s take a look at the 12 healthy habits of every 7-figure earner. 

Your Habits Shape Your Character. 

Your Character Shapes Your Success. 

If you look up the word habit in the dictionary, you’ll find a list of descriptions. But there’s a few key definitions that describe a habit perfectly….

“An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary” 

“A particular practice, custom or usage.”

And the one that rings true MOST out of all these definitions…

“A dominant or regular disposition or tendency; prevailing character or quality.”

In simple terms: A habit that is a part of your character. 

If we look at some of the top entrepreneurs today, we see these habits shaping their character. 

Grant Cardone has a habit of being persevering, dominant and relentless in anything he does. 

Which makes sense right? 

When we take on these habits – either internal or external habits – they shape our character. 

Our character then shapes our health, wealth and performance. 

“Bad Habits” Vs. “Good Habits”: Defining the Grey Area 

When I first started All Done Consulting, I was curious to see if going cold turkey on bad habits and swapping them out for good habits would increase my performance. 

So I decided to put it to the test. For 6 months straight I decided to quit coffee, set alarms, woke up early and created my schedule down to the minute the day prior. 

I also added a few others but I’ll get to those in a minute. 

Long story short: I ended up losing 10lbs of body fat and closed over 6-figures in sales during that time. 

It All Comes Down to 2 Things…

If it weren’t for healthy habits, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

So now I want to share with you what habits ultimately led to my success…

  1. Nutrition and  Exercise

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but it’s true… health is wealth. 

Our bodies need daily exercise and nutritional foods to perform at its peak. 

When we eat healthy, we’re giving our bodies the nutrients it needs for laser sharp focus and an optimal immune system. 

That means no b.s foods like candy, Pringles, or any fast food. You are what you eat. 

Second, exercise is needed to build a healthy cardiovascular system, relieve stress and increase energy. 

  1. Becoming an Action Taker

There’s no doubt about it – the most successful entrepreneurs take action and do so tactfully. 

They chase after what they want. They get in the trenches. They do the hard stuff. 

Being an action taker doesn’t just start in business. It starts in every area of life. 

Have you been wanting to lose 10lbs? Learn how to improve your cooking skills? Go out there and start taking action now. 

  1. Falling in Love with Pain and Failure 

Let’s get one thing straight – there’s no such thing as a failure. 

Each mistake. Each failure. Each roadblock is an opportunity to rise above, learn and become better. 

That’s why you have to start looking at failure through a different set of eyes. 

Now when we talk about pain, I don’t mean brutal physical pain. 

But the pain of let’s say… waking up at 6:30 to go do cardio. 

Reading the sales book instead of scrolling through social media. 

Loving pain allows you to decrease levels of desiring instant gratification. 

If you’re in this to truly become a successful entrepreneur, then instant gratification will be obsolete for a few months and years. 

  1. Unwavering Persistence 

There’s a quote I’ll never forget…

“Very often the door will open after the 99% have given up. Follow up is the biggest reason why most consultants will never close. Work on yourself and your offer everyday. People will always take another call from the advancing man.” 


This quote has been my fuel from the very beginning. 

Our road is never easy. 

But we have to keep trying. 

Keep going at it. 

Keep pushing every single day…

Even when we feel like giving up. 

  1. Crystal Clear Honesty

Ever heard the phrase… “how you do one thing is how you do everything?”

When it comes to our personal lives, we should always practice being honest. 

This character trait will bleed into our business. We should only promote offers that can actually benefit the customer. 

Whether you believe in Karma or not… Most scam artists are eventually exposed. eventually. 

Damaging their reputation and no one ever wanting to buy from them again.  


As mom always says: honesty is the best policy. 

  1. Carnegie Focus 

When Andrew Carnegie started his company in a short time-span, he ended up becoming one of the richest men in the United States. 

The U.S. Government actually started becoming suspicious. 

After a full investigation when they found out he wasn’t doing anything wrong they asked…

“How are you making so much money?”

Carnegie replied: “I can keep my mind focused on something for 5 minutes at a scratch… can any of you?”

The investigators replied no. 

Carnegie then said, “You should not be running the United States.”

He is living proof that focus is essential. Focus on your health. Focus on building wealth.  The rest will follow. 

  1. Resting Fully and Completely 

Contrary to popular belief, rest time is the foundation of performance. 

How many times have you worked 10 hours a day only to fall off the wagon or become burnt out? 

It’s clear. We need balance. 

Some things you can do to achieve this rest is to journal when you wake up without looking at devices. 

Sit and think of all the things you’re grateful for. 

Invest into your relationships. Call you dad or mom. 

All of these things will not only give you the rest needed but make you happier and more fulfilled in general. 

  1. Strong Intuition 

Have you ever met a person and something just felt off? 

It was probably your intuition. 

Top performers have a knack for reading situations and a keen insight into how situations or people behave. 

That’s why the top salesman can easily decipher when a customer is hiding a deeper objection than just, “Let me think about it”. 

  1. Flaming Desire  

One of the reasons my clients buy from me is because I believe in myself more than any doubt, question or concern from the collective. 

I want success more than my own life. 

I believe living a regular life without risk is meaningless. 

Clients can feel I want to win and that’s exactly what I do. 

Having this level of desire is what manifests opportunities and success at your feet. 

  1. Leaving the Familiar 

In the beginning of my journey I decided to travel to the Philippines with little money in my bank account. 

I was making $400 a month as a beginning freelance copywriter. 

Meanwhile I was working on my first tech start-up. 

While the company didn’t grow to fruition this entire experience made me mentally stronger. 

I learned how to speak with investors, close $50,000 deals and even progressed in my copywriting abilities. 

All of these skills are being used in my current company today.  

That’s why leaving comfort zones is essential. Growth never comes from a place of familiarity. 

Burn the bridge to old anytime you find yourself stagnating. 

Go all in anytime you start something new. 

It will be the best blessing in disguise. 


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