4 Pieces of Mindset Content to Become More Powerful

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4 Pieces of Mindset Content to Become More Powerful

Ever notice that some people just seem to have it all together and never seem to struggle with anything, while others always feel as if they’re struggling? It’s not a coincidence. 

The truth is that some people are simply more powerful than others – which means they’re able to accomplish much more in life and business.  This blog post will discuss how you can become one of those powerful people!

From Struggling to Pay the Electric Bill to a 7-Figure Consultant

If you would have seen me years ago, you wouldn’t think I was a powerful person. 

I had no money in my bank account. No contract under my belt. And nothing to show for my tech start-up. 

But as time moved forward, so did I. In just the past three years I’ve closed over $2.5MM in sales and have built an Automation Consulting company. 

The truth is… I wasn’t special. I wasn’t a grade-A student in high school. I didn’t have a born talent for persuading people to buy services. 

I just unlocked a power inside that led to my success. 

And it all started by changing my persona from within. 

The Key to Transforming Into a Powerful Person 

Everyone or at least 80% of people don’t feel powerful. They’re at a low point in their life. They’re always worried about money. They’re always chasing after the next dopamine rush. 

This is exactly what drains your power. 

For me, one of the best things I ever did was transform my persona from within by shifting my mindset. 

It’s true: you become what you think about most of the time.

Top Mindset Content For Fueling Your Power Levels 

 If you want to start becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of business… It has to start with your diet. 

Not the food you eat… 

But the content your mind is consuming.

The books you read. The videos you watch. The podcasts you listen to. 

All of these things shape your character. 

Leaders are readers. They’re constantly growing and expanding their minds. 

So here are my top content recommendations for mindset content: 

  1. The Science Behind Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles 

In this book, Wallace D. Wattles teaches you the fastest path to success. He shows readers how to evolve past the competitive mind and conquer what we know today as “fate”. This is exactly why we decided to sell for automation companies instead of trying to compete in the marketplace with them. 

  1. The Art of Consulting by Sam Ovens 

The Art of Consulting Course was created by the millionaire Sam Ovens. He teaches you the exact steps to transforming yourself from within to reach the highest version of yourself. 

“You are not the greatest desire you can imagine. You are the lowest version that you will accept.”

  1. Law of Attraction By Abraham Hicks 

Forget everything you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. Abraham Hicks reveals practical guidance behind manifesting your desires and increasing your happiness so you can immediately become, do or have anything you want. 

  1. Becoming Unstoppable by Alan Watts

Alan Watts is a widely recognized philosopher who often spoke about the illusion of life. Within his speech “Becoming Unstoppable”, he shows you how to see through the illusion of life – giving you the power to truly become unstoppable. 

  1. Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde 

Powerful people ascend past the realm of day-to-life and Stuart Wilde shows you exactly how to do that inside his book, “Infinite Self”. You’ll discover how connect to your eternal power. Worry less. Fear less. And produce a greater positive energy in your life. 

Becoming powerful is not a stop at the end of the road. 

It’s a journey with no destination. 

Enjoy the process. 

Remember… you can do, be and have anything you want. 

It all starts in your mind. 


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