4 Steps to Owning a Cash Cow Fleet With Turo

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4 Steps to Owning a Cash Cow Fleet With Turo

Turo has become one the most popular ways for the average luxury car owner to transform liabilities into assets. Since the boom of the technological era and rise of more top-earners, it’s been more important than ever for people to drive around in style. 

Capitalizing on a Luxury Driven Society 

In today’s world, people are obsessed with image and status. People want to showcase the latest luxury items – or in this case vehicles – when they go to events, on vacation or even during a date. 

But there’s other perks to renting out a luxury vehicle besides turning the heads of a women or followers on social media. Typically the rental costs for gas is much lower. 

Just in 2020 alone, Turo produced $153 billion in revenue (even during the pandemic). With Turo Automation, vehicle owners are able to rent out their luxury fleet for long term profit. 

Why The Profits Make Sense For Every Investor

Turo Automation is a great opportunity for those looking for a hands-free passive income source with no liability or time required. In the past, car owners would have to manage their own fleet, talk with customers and take on liability for any damages done to the vehicles. 

Since none of the management or maintenance is involved, this is what flocking entrepreneurs to Turo Automation service providers. 

Not to mention if you’re located in the turo hotspot areas like Los Angeles, Miami, Scottsdale or to name a few… then profits will double. 

But to put in perspective let’s break down the numbers:

Let’s say you rent out a Porchse 911 Carrera. This car can easily be rented out daily for $400. 

Now if you have proper marketing on the front-end, you can expect 10-15 bookings per month. 

So by the end of the month, you’re looking at between a $4,000 – $6,000 profit. 

If you add another 3 other luxury vehicles to the fleet then you can expect this number to be well over $10,000. 

So how do you create a hands-off fleet that pays you a lifetime in cash flow? 

4 Critical Steps to Automating a Luxury Fleet

If you’re just starting out without any luxury vehicles then there’s a few things you can do to get started… 

  1. Credit score of at or above at 720. This will ensure you only have put down 10% on each vehicle. 

  1. Research luxury vehicles that have the highest daily rental rate. 

  1. Have extra money stored up to cover the working capital for the down payment of the vehicles. 

  1. Find a trusted Turo Automation service provider with a proven track record. 

If you’re working with a trusted service provider, make sure your fleet will be fully operational and profitable within a minimum of 120 days. 

That’s why here at the ADC Turo Automation Network, we provide constant updates and daily monitoring of your fleet. 

Plus, you’ll even receive training on how to scale the fleet so you can double your profits fast!

Want to learn more about Turo Automation? 

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