7 Steps to Creating a Hero’s Journey That Compels Clients & Buyers

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Hero's Journey

7 Steps to Creating a Hero’s Journey That Compels Clients & Buyers

The Hero’s Journey is a universal story that has been told for centuries. The power of this story lies in its ability to connect with people on an emotional level, driving them to act. It can be used as the basis for the marketing strategy behind any business looking to increase their customer base.

 This blog post will walk you through six steps that take into account what makes the hero’s journey so powerful and how it can be applied in your own business efforts.

Creating a Story That Compels and Sells 

No matter what point you’re at right now in the journey, you have a story to tell. 

The great thing about stories is that there is always someone who can relate in some shape or form. 

Below is a perfect outline of how to create your Hero’s Journey from start to finish. 

  1. Everyday Life 

Ever seen a movie that starts out with the character living their ordinary life. Then all of the sudden something happens to make them change the course of their direction. In this section, you’ll want to focus on what you were doing before going on your journey. 

What job were you working? What friends did you have? What car did you live in? How did you feel mentally and physically? These are all important questions to answer. 

  1. Call to Adventure 

If you remember watching the movie Harry Potter, then you can’t forget this popular line… “You’re a wizard Harry”. This was the moment found out he was a wizard but importantly … this was Harry’s “call to adventure” moment. 

So just like Harry,you’ll want to think back to the time you were called to dive into the world of entrepreneurship or business. Was there a mentor that gave you an opportunity? Was there a 

  1. The Threshold 

This particular moment is when we start the beginning of our transformation. We decide to step out of the familiar and usually we never return the same way. We start a new business. Learn a new skill. Experience things outside of our comfort zones. 

  1. Challenges, Tests and Temperaments 

There’s not a hero out there that hasn’t faced challenges along the way. Harry Potter had to face multiple threats at Hogwarts. Luke had to duel his father in Star Wars. Neo had to go head to head with Agent Smith in The Matrix. 

Even if you haven’t had to duel your father with a lightsaber or fight an evil program in an artificial world, you’ve likely faced challenges. 

These challenges are important to your story because they’ve created the person you are today. 

  1. Abyss: Death and Rebirth 

Think of this stage as the revelation or “moment of truth”. And now you’re reaping the reward. 

Maybe you were broke for a few months then finally started getting good at closing high ticket clients. Maybe your sales copy wasn’t converting and now you’ve finally gotten a client ROI from your writing. 

Whatever it is, write it down. Write it in detail. 

  1. Transformation 

People usually don’t remain the same after having an epiphany or breakthrough moment. They are forever changed. 

Close your eyes and think back to the time you started seeing success. How did this change you… mentally and physically? 

  1. The Return

In most movies, the character always returns to the place where the story began. But in your case, the return might look a little different. 

Perhaps you started making money and moved out into your place. Perhaps you’ve been working with high-level clients now. 

At the end of the day, people love stories. 

We enjoy seeing the hero win against all odds. 

It’s exciting. It’s entertaining. It’s captivating. 

So be sure to use this framework when creating your Hero’s Journey. 


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