ADC Automation App: The Revolution for All Entrepreneurs & Investors

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ADC Automation App: The Revolution for All Entrepreneurs & Investors

If you’re an investor, you know that there are 3 critical components to turbo-charging your monthly cash flow inside your portfolio. Transparency, communication with the seller and daily monitoring. With so many risky investment opportunities hitting us from every corner of the internet, it’s important to get behind a company that will say what they do. . 


That’s why we’re excited to announce the ADC Automation Network App. This tool connects buyers and sellers in one central location (a.k.a network) based on the automated business. But what does this really mean for investors, entrepreneurs and online businesses? 


Connecting Buyers With Vetted Opportunities 


This portal is one of the first of it’s kind to offer vetted automated business opportunities. Think of it in terms of shopping at Whole Foods Market. You go into the store and have a range of products to choose from that the company supports. This is no different inside the buyer portal. 

The buyer gets access to the secure platform, access to real time data from other buyers in the network, documentation to track all forms of communication, networking opportunities and much more. 


All buyers will have access to a community of buyers – ultimately building trust. Not to mention having a list of fully vetted opportunities to choose from. It’s really a no brainer.


Providing Closers With 7-Figure Commissions


One of the biggest problems salesmen face today is input vs output on their commissions. Even high ticket closers only collect a small percentage of the $5K – $50K deals they close. Then of course there is the “lack of leads” problem. Unless a closer is working with an established company that produces its own leads, the closer will have to hunt down leads on social media or pay hefty prices and start cold calling. And let’s be honest… cold calling is becoming a thing of the past. 


The consulting portal allows a one-stop shop for warm and qualified leads. Each closer will be able to set up their own CRM, track their stats on performance, record their calls, have transparent communication with clients and access to daily updated training from the founder. 


Enabling Struggling Copywriters to Thrive… Faster


Most copywriters know that unless you have a solid track record, you’ll be facing two major problems. The first one? It will be hard to find clients that trust you. Which makes sense – everyone wants to pay for a copywriter that will produce an ROI. But it doesn’t help when you’re strapped for cash. 


The second issue is that most copywriters end up charging low prices because of a lack of results to show for their work. A writer sends off work to a client and unless there is a royalty involved, they won’t hear from the client again. 


So with the Copywriter Portal, each writer is able to work on collective ADC projects and campaigns, apply for gigs, submit assignments for review and test their work in the market. 


Through leveraging our 7-figure framework, they’ll be able to engage with high ticket buyers while building their portfolio. 


A Collective Community of Vetted Vendors 


Many automated business vendors find it difficult to track profitability and visibility of leads for long sales cycles. When it comes down to it – if you can’t track it then the numbers will be off. Making it harder to scale and build a long-term profitable company. There’s also the issue of communication between the buyer and vendor. 


The ADC Lead Vendor Portal allows for central communication between buyers, closers while giving each vendor an opportunity to scale their brand. They’ll also receive access to our team of copywriters and closers to ensure the success of their campaign. 

Creating Sustainable Work For Service Providers 


Often, service providers are unable to predictably land high ticket customers, manage expectations and even fulfillment. 


With the ADC Automation Network App, service providers will have the ability to connect with Automation companies. These companies can hire out these service providers for any project.  


Event Profitability Tracking and Management


Inside the ADC Automation Network app, you’ll have the opportunity to manage your events and deadlines. Then, you can track the entire campaign from lead generation to ticket sales and even upsells on the backend. 


This will also be a hub for the entire marketing to ensure top performance for the event. There is also a gateway to create custom offers for sponsorship packages and automate certain areas of your event planning. You also can quickly report the finances and revenue to the investor. 


Giving Everyday Folk a Chance to Succeed


The problem in today’s world is that we aren’t educated on how to succeed. From the time we’re born, we’re taught low-income skills that leave us working inside a 9-5 or a job we despise. 


That’s why the ADC Automation App is going to change the game. We’re enabling young professionals, buyers and consultants a chance to look inside our business model and at how fast we’re growing. 


They’ll be able to receive free content and even apply to work with the company. This is education reinvented. 


The Marketing Bank of Automation Companies & Start-ups


Every single day a new idea is born. And every single day a new idea goes unfunded. The problem is most business ideas don’t fail due to lack of knowledge or skill… rather they fail due to lack of network. 


Inside the fundraising portal, businesses will have access to our ecosystem of buyers, sellers, and consultants. They’ll be able to work with our team of copywriters, web developers and media buyers to drive traffic and sales to their company. 


The ADC Automation App is the future. 


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