ADC Automation Case Study: My first Amazon Vendor

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ADC Automation Case Study: My first Amazon Vendor

I started working with Istore labs in December 2019. I flew to London for the first time to pursue this opportunity. I went across the pond with $700 and a dream.

Here was my “first real job, but the worst part about this job was all the good investors within the US 5 and sometimes 8 hours behind.. Meaning I was up regularly until 2-3 in the morning GMT dialing away for my West coast appointments.

Here I learned how to build the pipeline from scratch.
Using google slides, screenshots and email campaigns.

I secured their first 16 clients while also brokering 5 to other vendors.
It all came to a head during Christmas. I closed the biggest deal on record.
Trust fund baby, wanted to spend $150,000.

I gave him the three package ecom deal. Amazon, Ebay and Shopify.
It was after this deal I knew it was time to make my own company.
I couldn’t split profits 50/50 when I was generating and closing the lead by myself.
It was time to accept the liability.

On January 13th 2020 All Done Consulting LLC was founded.

Amazon Vendor Case Study Results
– Before ADC the company was netting 5-8K/m for +3 years.
– Served as a lead generation company for traditional campaigns such as buy to let properties, stock investments.
– Became Amazon service provider after partnering with All Done Consulting.
– ADC delivered first 16 clients grossing 270K ($3,000/day) in first 3 months (Oct 1- Dec 31 2019.)
– Currently closing 3-5 clients per month 100-200k/M netting 20-50k/M.
– Managing +100 stores currently grossing about 2 MM netting about $1,300,000 including back end dividends.

I was able to completely change this company’s business model without capital, traction or proof of concept. I had to work during non-ideal hours in a foreign market without friends, family or any support.

Lessons Learned
During this campaign I laid the foundation for my brochures, emails and video scripts that I still use to close today that have generated millions.

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