ADC Automation Fund Case Study

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ADC Automation Fund Case Study

I knew if I ever was going to truly achieve success, I would have to take 100% control of fulfilment when it comes to marketing my services.

For two years I represented 12 different companies. I learned how to make the pitch, how to cover up weaknesses and overturn objections.

For each offer I had to learn a new way to convert the customer. Now for the first time, I was selling completely for myself. After speaking to thousands of investors from around the world I know exactly what to offer to them to make them feel 100% comfortable with moving forward with my service.

I know the clients motivations, I know their fears. I know exactly how to speak to the market to make their fear turn into unwavering confidence and belief.

I created an irresistible offer that my avatar client cannot refuse. Join our FB Community Now!
My average client is looking to spend 20-50K on an automated business that generates a full return on investment in 6-9 months. If at that time the business is producing anywhere from 2-4K/month they would consider that to be a great win and massive success.

So I decided to give my ideal clients exactly what they’ve been asking for and more with additional security.

ADC Automation Offer: Presentation
– Invest 25K to enter the ADC Automation fund.
– Receive a 2x on your investment in 6 months | Holiday bonus.
– Launch a vetted automated service of choice in 4 months for free.
– Join a Facebook group with the other Shareholders in the automation fund.
– ADC will provide a weekly newsletter “ADC State of the Union.”
– ADC will provide monthly reports and Zoom calls for a live Q/A with all investors.
– ADC will provide you with the exact blueprint on how we are scaling our fund.
– Receive an invitation to all company retreats and events.
– Receive lifetime access to our portfolio and training program. (Quarterly updates.)

I delivered this offer to the market and much to my surprise. I saw success again. But this time more clients and more capital in a short period of time than ever before. In the first two weeks we were able to generate 10K commitments for 240K. (We had another client want to pull 100K out of their home but were denied so technically the funnel sold 340 in two weeks.)

What makes this offer different much more powerful than anything else that I’ve previously presented is:
1) I am 100% in control of fulfilment and delivery to my clients
2) I have verifiable evidence that my copywriting/sales skills produce exponential income.
The only difference is with this offer I now have a lot more to offer than the average automation consultant.

I know exactly what everyone in the industry is offering. I know the holes in their presentations. I know why their clients aren’t signing up and what to say to get them to move forward with us.

In addition to the fact that I have already proven in five case studies

When I pick up the phone. Income is produced. The biggest difference between this offer and anything else that I’ve presented is that this is more transparent, has +30 references, a community of support behind me and 5x profit margins.

If you’re still reading then you have been handed the keys to making money online without using your time. It’s really simple.
1) Invest into a proven system that is designed to gather investors.
2) Leverage capital, use additional capital to create returns.
3) Use profit to attract more investors and opportunities.
4) Teach people exactly what you’re doing so you can leverage their resources to surround yourself with more investors.

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