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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Where is the money going to go? – Into a friends/ family round into our software company. 

By organizing an active database of buyers we can leverage the presence of our clients to attract larger more established companies with +8 figure track records. 

Instead of attempting to start a fund which we legally cannot do

We decided to lead with creating a SaaS servic where we deliver networking intermediate customer management service to protect all of our clients. 

Vetting Teams 

  1. ADC Social Platform

I know a lot of my skeptics think I’m just a mindless sales person without direction but the truth is… 

I’ve been a startup founder for more than 5 years. 

In 2016 I wrote my first patent for an entertainment software that I know one day will revolutionize the way we consume our content. 

I spent 2 years of my life attempting to raise 800K for this project. 

I didn’t have investors, I didn’t know who to call. I had no experience closing the deal. 

I ran away to the Philippines for 14 months to eliminate my overhead so I could commit 100% of my soul into raising capital for my dream. 

I failed. I had to go home and start completely over as an ecom consultant. 

2 years later after successfully enrolling 80 clients to 12 different companies

I have now come full circle. 

No. I’m not starting an illegal hedge fund. 

I’m creating a software that is going to standardize the way people invest into online businesses. I’m creating a platform that is going to protect you from ever taking an unnecessary risk when it comes to starting an online business again. 

Posted below are the benefits and features of the software we’re creating.

Enjoy our software overview the presentation will be completed tomorrow:

  • Personalized Social Networking- What type of business contacts do you want us to connect you with? We’ll install your response into the software and send it to our network of consultants and writers to find those contacts for you. 
  • Social Profile– Collect data on city, interests, current projects, desires in human capital. (Allows us to match you with the vendors that you are looking to work with. 
  • Feed to post daily updates, content– Similar to our Facebook group but only paid clients have access to, the FB group will become a free lead magnet. 
  • Project Pipelines– Display retail status updates with company projects so clients don’t have to reach out to me for daily updates
  • Live streaming – Recording content like I go live in this group but directly through the software. Not available for the live steam? The recording will directly be sent to your inbox for you to review on your own time. 
  • Push notifications to paid members– Allows me to immediately send custom videos, photos and voice notes to networks of buyers. Can segment messaging into sub groups and networks. 
  • Easy Connect – Automatically share references in a group, connect potential business partners- group chats to share references, collaborate for personalized projects 
  • Consulting Training- learn how to grow our profitable model, learn the fundamentals of marketing + sales to grow your business. 
  • Job Postings– Tell us the type of human capital that you’re looking for to grow your company 
  • Special Offers | Countdown Clock- Fundraising feature that will be used to attract new service providers to raise money quickly/ for unique opportunities. (Real time feed/ scarcity) 

Our Networking App will offer the Following Services 

  • Automation Consulting- Connect you to automation companies through a proven vetting process
  • Customer service Management– The app will be designed to manage the clients on behalf of our service providers. 
  • Networking- Connecting successful business buyers with other buyers through group chats, virtual masterminds and private events. 
  • Training + Consulting- Training programs uploaded into the app, if you are an expert in a specific industry, we can build a course for you to help grow your business + increase revenue for the company. 
  • Fundraising Site- Similar to crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe new innovators will be able to come with us with nothing but an idea, we’ll have the network, process and resources to get the project off the ground and funded. 
  • Instrument Sites- As our subscriber network grows we can drive our leads that can’t afford the 25K offer to lower buy in offers similar to how stock companies like Robinhood etc. 
  • Saas | Paas– we will continue to innovate and collect feedback from our clients to improve our client nurturing service + system. 

Interested in learning more about how the ADC Automation App will forever change the way you think about making your next online acquisition? 

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