ADC Automation: Start With Why

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ADC Automation: Start With Why

In honor of our new blog I thought it would be best to take the advice of Simon Sinek.

Start with Why.

Very often when I speak to potential clients on the call and they hear about the ADC Automation offer their initial response is, it’s too good to be true. So I decided to spend the weekend typing up over 120 reasons on why those naysayers should join my Free Facebook Group to see exactly what I do best. Raise capital. On a daily basis.

So let’s get to it!

What do you Do?
– We help people start automated remote based businesses while completely eliminating the risk to our clients.
– We have perfected the skillset of raising capital for any business opportunity.
– We also train freelancers on how they can multiply the value of their time.

What are your products or services?
– Copywriting
– Sales Management
– Fundraising
– Community Management
– Automation Consulting

We created a honey jar for people looking to spend money without using time.

How Do You Do What You do?
– We generate leads with business buyers by creating engaging video presentations and email follow ups.
– We persistently follow up with our prospects until they take the time to review our content.
– We insist that they schedule a video call so we can explain more about what we have to offer.
– We invite interested prospects to our growing Facebook Community to keep tabs on our growth on a daily basis.

What’s Your USP?
– We have a proven process to generate and convert investor leads in the automation niche for more than 12 different offers.
– We have a community that connects our clients
– We created a system where clients can get started with an automated business with limited risk while also receiving a fixed       predictable return.

Why Do You Do What You Do?
-Fund the Next Facebook– For more than 2 years I struggled to raise 800K for two technology companies that I believe will make the world a better place, 5 years later those products are still at idea stage and not adding value to the market. was created to make any idea come to life.
-Create a Safe Place to Invest– Every day someone loses money due to internet fraud. Companies leverage fancy cars and vacations to lure clients to invest without ever providing tangible results. Our goal is to make this form of marketing obsolete.
Provide a Proven Path– to creatives + marketing professionals looking for a fresh start without having to struggle “looking for a way out.”

What’s the purpose behind your business?
The purpose of our business is to create a Done For You Fundraising service designed to raise capital for anything that will help the human condition.


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