ADC Automation: Tell Me About the Training

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ADC Automation: Tell Me About the Training

(How I went from a struggling freelance writer to being able to produce sales pages that generate multiple six figures in weeks.)

Before I was working on I was working as a startup founder raising money for two technology products. I spent more than 2 years of my life calling investors attempting to raise 800K. Often I put this mission above an income to pay my bills.

I had to give up my quest of bridging the broadband gap at the age of 25 for sales jobs.
But I soon realized that my gift isn’t sales. It’s raising money.

I created the ADC Automation fund and ADC Consulting program to help the next startup founder have the exact blueprint on how they can not only raise capital for their ideas but to also develop their own fund to ensure that they can’t possibly fail.

The concept is fairly simple but incredibly difficult to execute if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’re going to teach you how to build funnels, build relationships with clients, create an offer that they can’t refuse and how to invest wisely so that your money is always safe.

We are developing two training programs to help people raise capital for anything that they want. One for copywriting and one for consulting.

In Today’s piece we’ll talk about Copywriting Training.
Without learning how to write copy I would not be where I am today.

Freelance writing was my first sustainable income online. But after writing for more than 2 years I was never able to accumulate more than $4,000. For 14 months I sometimes struggled to make $640/month rent while living in the Philippines.

After giving up on my venture of raising 800K for the tech company. I went home to start a new career as an Amazon automation broker. I soon realized that the only way I would be able to stand out is to invest my energy into writing copy that answered the questions of my investors.

On September 23rd 2019 I published the site
Since then the site has converted over 80 high ticket clients with over 2MM in sales.

All due to a product of my copywriting.
I want to teach writers my strategies, how I get investors to follow my content, to see me as an authority, to get them to willingly schedule appointments with me to send $25,000 over after a 30 minute conversation.

How To Use Copy To Collapse Time ($499-997)

  1. Becoming a 7 figure writer
  2. Freelancer vs Fundraiser- Becoming an irresistible offer. 
  3. VSL Scripts-  Make Your Pitch
  4. Sales Letters- Stacking the No Brainer Deal. 
  5. Presentation Decks–  Delivering the Information to Buy.  
  6. Emails- Closing the Deal

Content Engine- Contribute to the self sustaining copy fund.

Through this program I will be giving an “over the shoulder point of view” as I go through the 73 copywriting projects that took me from living in my dad’s house at 26 to being able to set up a sales page that generates 340K in sales in 14 days less than two years later.

I want this program to become a platform to help struggling writers get their content viewed so they can increase their incomes. After each module writers will be encouraged to produce a piece of content that will be sent out to our network of investors.

The best writers will be given long term opportunities to work for our company.
If you’re interested in being wait listed for our copywriting program join our Free Facebook Group for when we officially release the program.

Looking forward to creating the next wave of copywriting masterminds.


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