ADC Automation vs Automation Industry

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ADC Automation vs Automation Industry

On a mission to make investing for any automation company other than All Done Consulting an unnecessary and uncalculated risk.

Let me explain…

I’ve worked with over 12 companies. I know all the models. Their strengths and weaknesses.
I know the flaws in all of their presentations. I still know how to bring them customers.

I know the majority of them don’t provide references, they don’t provide case studies or bank statements to provide credibility. They rely on marketing and 1% sales people like myself to push through these obvious gaps in their presentations.

They have their clients sign agreements with zero commitment to actually deliver.
…What does that say about the company you’re investing into?

If they don’t believe that the deal is going to work… why should you?

What you get with ADC Automation
Case Studies- We have 8 verifiable profitable case studies affirming that our fundraising/coaching services have delivered substantial results.

30 references- For the other companies I work for when clients ask, “Can I speak to a reference?” I’m trained to say, “I can’t sorry they’re all millionaires that are too busy to talk to you.”

1.8MM in bank statements- unlike the other companies that I’ve worked with that only provide screenshots of an app to show profitability. I’m providing you with +18 months of profitability and a proven track record.

Client Group- unlike the other offers where they are you to send 20K to leave you in the dark. I’m offering to place you in a group with other investors that made the exact same decision as you. I’m also offering a weekly newsletter and monthly group calls with all investors for Q/A regarding the status of the fund.

Money Back Guarantee on Contract- I believe in myself, my company, my network and what I’m doing. Which is why I’m willing to sign on paper that if I fail I will pay you back. The other companies tell you that investing is a risk and that if it doesn’t work out its’ not on them.

Training Program- I’m going to give you access to my brain, how I create profit through copywriting, how to generate leads, how to promote our various offers, how to improve your credit, raise capital invest and eventually develop your own fund.

The ADC Automation fund was created to protect the average investor from falling into the online marketing passive income trap. By pooling capital into private banking, we can safely make investments into these opportunities while also securing your investment with a profitable return.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ADC Automation Fund feel free to visit our site and schedule a free consultation today.


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