Airbnb Automation Case Study

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Airbnb Automation Case Study

I started making calls for Airbnb because while I was seeing some success and interest with Uber, it was still a fairly new concept and more complex. After making calls to business opportunity leads for years I knew that they would have an interest in automated property management.

Setting up this funnel was fairly easy. The concept is very straightforward.
I started making calls on March 17th. By May 31st I was able to secure 5 clients and $100,000 in revenue.

Here is the Letter I used to generate the business ($350)
– Here is the commercial script ($600)
Here is the “Webinar” I used to explain the model.
– Here is the pitch deck.

So when I tell clients on the phone that I have proven to be able to produce 20x returns on investment through my site in 100 days. Here is the tangible evidence. As a broker our company only netted 15-20% of these deals.

Through ADC Automation our net margin is closer to 70-80%.
For the same exact price of Airbnb Automation, we have an offer that provides more security and even higher rates of return.

For joining our community you get
– A cash flowing business in 4 months
– A fixed 2x return in 6 months
In addition to these features we also provide daily, weekly and monthly updates to our clients.

After representing 12 different automation companies, we now know exactly what to present and what to do to make our clients feel comfortable moving forward and more importantly ensuring that they receive a secured profitable return.

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