Bitcoin Mining Automation Case Study

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Bitcoin Mining Automation Case Study

I started making calls for Bitcoin because my mentor gave me a deadline that I couldn’t refuse. Get a Bitcoin into the bot and you have direct access to the traders deck.
A new automation offer, something no one else in the market is presenting, is a new concept that I had to deliver professionally to the market to collect feedback.

My mentor took me out to a steak dinner to tell me about the bot programs.
After hearing about the program and the returns they deliver, even myself, my mind thought…
“It’s too good to be true.” But after seeing the bot myself and understanding in greater detail how the program worked. I was able to write the copy.

The funniest part about this campaign is I didn’t even correctly explain the mining program correctly in the copy and I was still able to secure 6 investors for $132,000 in 16 days.

Typically when I start making calls for a new campaign I have to grab a big cup of coffee to make sure I have the energy to accept the new unexpected objections. I was absolutely astonished at the response from my leads to this offer.

Before I started the campaign I pitched a bunch of my entrepreneur friends the idea, none of them moved forward. But then I pick up the phone and send out my videos to my leads and produce exponential income again. I didn’t buy new leads for this campaign, I just started calling people that already knew me.

It was at this point I knew I had to make the shift from broker to becoming a fund manager. While raising 132K for Bitcoin in two weeks is great, it doesn’t help solve my day to day problems or immediately scale my operational efforts.

At that moment it snapped to me like a bolt of lightning.
I wanted to finally once and for all be 100% in control of fulfilment.
I looked at my previous success and realized that produces income.

The biggest problem is, I’ve been sending 80-90% of it away instead of developing a service that I could deliver personally. It was at that moment I knew what to do, lean on my biggest strengths, ignore my weaknesses.

We have a site that is proven to produce income and collect relationships with investors. Our data, processes and experiences are invaluable to the marketplace.

I plan to teach the world how they can create their own highly profitable investment funnel. How to generate the lead, how to convert the relationship, how to raise capital for anything that you want.

Interested in growing your company so you can experience similar results?
Or maybe you’d like to invest into a proven income stream, sit back and collect the checks…

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