Brick by Brick. It’s All Done

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I have been told that the “pyramid” of All Done Consulting reminds people of a Ponzi scheme. So let’s just address that one now so we can move forward with helping everyone live a better life. 

Ponzi Scheme: a fraudulent investment operation that pays quick returns to initial contributors using money from subsequent contributors rather than profit. 

Ways Our Software Will Create Profit

  1. Charging for copywriting services. 
  2. Reselling automation services as a broker.
  3. Train people on how to create a job and income online.
  4. Help companies grow through IT support, management and recruitment. 
  5. Reselling courses from data that has been developed through our campaigns. 
  6. Teach our clients how to set up information funnels based on their experiences.
  7. Charge for access to our network, deliver daily and weekly reports on the business.
  8. Scale marketing agencies and influencers through our network of buyers.
  9. Sell tickets to private events. The charge for bottlenecked experiences. 
  10. Educate people for free through our app portal. Provide a resume builder service. 
  11. Attract 8-9 figure opportunities. Obtain equity into proven revenue models. 
  12. Manage startups from start to finish. Collect equity and dividends. 
  13. Identify gaps in the market. Program software solutions. Market the results. 
  14. Acquire software companies. Improve the copy, plug the offer into the system.
  15. Start a B2B consulting campaign. Leverage affiliate networks to attract new vendors. 
  16. Resell our software and operating model as a franchise in foreign territories. 
  17. Set up a funnel for all of our consultants to help them resell their own products. 
  18. Raise money for business/real estate acquisitions funds. Collect a piece of the flips. 
  19. Raise money for nonprofit organizations. Receive free residual traffic. 
  20. Help the human condition. Educate the world on how to create a billion-dollar company. 

People invest in the dollar because they believe tomorrow someone will accept it as an exchange of value. People invest in All Done Consulting because they believe that we can deliver. 

Because money can be created. That’s exactly what we’re doing. 

The market can only have 3 drivers of commerce. 

Partners | Providers | Consultants 

We are creating our own economy. Naturally. Many will fear the thought of creating a logical path to freedom in a world where everyone remains trapped within a mental matrix that prevents society from accepting their true potential. We are the solution.

That’s why with every call. We’re here to help. 

It’s On the Dollar For a Reason. Let’s Create Our Own. 

So Yes. Brick by Brick. 


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