Door to Door Sales vs ADC Automation

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Door to Door Sales vs ADC Automation

Door to Door Sales To ADC Automation

Here on this call I briefly explain to my prospect why he should not consider doing door to door sales in the hot Arizona sun in exchange for ADC Automation Consulting.

I spent 6 weeks doing door to door sales selling office supplies in New York City.
It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life but it also helped me develop the tenacity and charisma that I have to this day.

During this time I don’t ever remember earning more than a few hundred dollars…
The product wasn’t original, the prospect knew the pitch was coming, and they could easily get what I had somewhere else.

When I quit this job I knew I had to find something I could sell that would set me apart from the market… 6 years later and after unsuccessfully selling dozens of products, services, and ideas. I finally have created a way I could offer something to my customers that is 100% original.

ADC Automation.
Most sales people don’t make enough money for the following reasons:

1) Their offer sucks and nobody wants it
2) They don’t have enough quality leads or time to generate the conversations.
3) They can’t convert the deal even when they develop relationships because the offer isn’t original and can easily be found somewhere else.

I’m sending this message out to any struggling sales person that wants to make a change.
The fastest way for you to make money is to pick up the phone and start calling people with a lot of money.

Every day for more than 2 years I’ve been making outbound calls to investors.
Selling all kinds of offers and services… and now? I have the ability to generate 6 figure weeks.

If you’re tired of feeling that your sales superpower is being wasted. Then join our Free Facebook group so you can watch me make phone calls to investors every day.
Building relationships with people that are happy to send me 20-50 if not 100K or more.

Stop working hard and start working smarter.
Our process has converted 80 clients and counting and now our model pays us 5x times more.

Interested in learning more about the ADC Automation Network?
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After the Call You’ll Know Exactly What to Do.
We Did the Work. We Have the Proof.

It’s All Done.


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