Ebay vs Amazon… Who Will Win?

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Get To Know Alex Jay- Ebay Automation Expert 

Get To Know Anoosh Kashefi- Amazon Automation Expert

(Who Will the Battle of Ecom Supremacy?

Ebay and Amazon are by far the two largest and highest traffic ecommerce platforms on the market right now. With the rise of online coaching and ecom automation one naturally is left to ask… who platform provides a better opportunity to succeed? 

Thankfully for you guys we have two resident expert service providers that have had success with both platforms that can point you in the right direction regardless of what you decide. 

Since we already did a brief breakdown with a bio from both of our providers lets do a deeper dive of who will win. 

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Alex’s spotlight post we’ll summarize why he’s deciding to focus his energy on Ebay. 

Ebay Recap 

  1. Faster returns/Fees are less/ Higher profit margins 
  2. Daily paybacks 
  3. Flexible Limits
  4. Customer Service
  5. Amazon Supplier Channel

To summarize, Ebay is a cheaper model that benefits from having less competition, faster returns and better customer service. The model does however have less traction in the market place as an automated service. 

Because Ebay is a significantly smaller platform, Amazon across the industry is seen that higher producing businesses are created on Amazon. 

We unfortunately did not have the time to do a deep dive on why Anoosh loves building profitable businesses on Amazon but here are a few summary points we have been able to pull from our prior conversations. 

Amazon Recap 

  1. Predictable Scaling thanks to a 7 year track record 
  2. Restrictions Make It Easier For the Ecom Professional 
  3. Seasoned Accounts Make Much More Profit and Can Scale
  4. More buyers= more sustainability
  5. Viable Exit Strategy 

To summarize Amazon is an investment opportunity with more traction and a higher proof of return for automation clients. Anoosh claims the fact that there are so many restrictions on Amazon actually makes it easier for the guys that have been in the industry for 7+ years. The restrictions prevent the new sellers from seeing the same levels of success as the seasoned veterans. Amazon accounts can scale well past the 200K/month mark and are also more likely to be valued in the 3-4 annual profit range which equates to higher returns in the long. 



Both Ebay and Amazon automation are viable investment opportunities for someone looking to develop a hands free passive income online. 

Ebay is better suited to the early investor looking to add their first few assets into their portfolio. 

Amazon is better suited to the seasoned investor looking to dramatically increase the value of their investment over an extended period of time. 

It is much more difficult to find a quality Ebay automation service, which is why we’re making an offer you can’t refuse. Typically, Amazon automation ranges anywhere from $15,000-$30,000. While not 100% comparable we do still expect to see profitable returns from our Ebay stores in the realm of 3-6k/month after 6-9 months. 

Which is why now is one of the best opportunities you will ever come across in regards to owning an automated ecom store. 

We are currently running a limited time Ebay sale where you can have a done for you automated store created for a one time payment of just 4,000 pounds. We are extending this offer to at the most 100 stores so act now while you still can! 

We are offering our Ebay service at such a low price to 

  1. Establish market dominance on both platforms
  2. Open the door for dozens to enjoy their first money online at a no brainer price. 

If you’d like to learn more about ecom automation check out our presentation:

 How To Set Up A 6 Figure Automated Business In 10 Minutes or Less”.

Or  you can apply now for a free consultation. 

Take a look around at our site, drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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