Ecom Automation vs College Tuition Scam or Opportunity? Let’s do the math…

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(Is Ecom Automation more profitable than college?)

I decided to do some quick math on the profitability of a college education vs ecom automation. According to College Data the average cost of tuition at a public school is about $25,000/yr. For a private school that number is about $50,000/yr. 

According to CNBC the average college grad with less than five years of experiences makes around $48,400/yr. So let’s crunch some numbers…

Let’s an example of a girl named Becky with a public education who gets an average salary. 

(25K x 4 yrs)= $100,000. Salary of $48k/yr= 2 years break even. 

As you can see if the average publicly educated college grad got a job right out of college lived at their parents houses with zero expenses and paid off their entire debt directly.. It would still take them 2 years to break even.

 That’s not even counting interest or the fact that most people have to live a life.  

Let’s try this same college grad but instead, her parents took a look at and decided to invest into ecom automation while her daughter took some online classes for her freshman year. 

The result? 

100K = 3 Amazon stores + 1 ebay store = 25K/month min after 9th month. 

(Graduation commencement)… Profit (roughly $975,000) + $25,000/month. 

In the 2nd example we just wrote out what the numbers would be if a family decided to invest their college tuition fund initially into ecom automation and how their profit would look after four years when it was time for their daughter to graduate. 

As you can see, instead of straight out of college having to look for a 48K/yr job and taking at least two years to pay it off.. Becky’s family would be almost a million in profit. Becky had the freedom sophomore year to switch majors to start studying business and creative design. 

She now has the skills and freedom to pursue what she wants in life without the pressure of having to choose a paycheck just to appease social norms and her parental obligations. 

While mathematically compelling, we do not by any means actually consider that people are going to stop sending their kids to college in exchange for buying an ecom store from us. 

What I do what however, is for you to review the numbers we just went over and proceed with a logical mind. 

Maybe ecom automation is exactly what you need to help your kid build their credit, buy an apartment, and move out. 

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Do we have any college grads as readers? 

Drop a comment below. Let us know how the job market is treating you. Have you ever wished you could have a passive income? 

Let us know!

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