Explanation of DFY Fundraising

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Explanation of DFY Fundraising

Explanation of DFY Fundraising
Here a new prospect inquired about our services so that she could raise money for Non Profit organizations, when she first heard my elevator pitch she didn’t think it was a fit.

Presentation of DFY Fundraising.

How to Raise Money for Anything that You Want
– Leverage capital from a pool of investors.
– Offer cash flow + fixed returns.
– Create video testimonials for all the clients that have been fulfilled.
– Create a copywriting + consulting program to multiply efforts.
– Funnel all prospects into a free Facebook group delivering daily success + updates.
– Attract unique opportunities that need funding to attract more clients.

Before working as a fundraiser I was a broker copywriter that struggled to make $640/month.
Now I can set up a site that generates 6 figure weeks.
I have 73 projects that any freelance writer can learn from.
I’m creating a program to teach how I’ve generated 2MM in the past 2 years through:
– VSLs
– Landing Pages
– Pitch Decks
– Emails

Every time a writer goes through one of our modules they will be instructed to create their own piece which will be published to our blog and social channels. The end result? A network of highly trained writers designed to take on ANY fundraising project.

Our goal is to deliver on our first 6 month term so that the fundraising funnel is completely operational by January 2022. From there our next goal will be to raise 20-50MM in the next 6 months for our newest clients.

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