Free Training: Copy Automation How to Build a Self Sustaining 7 figure copywriting agency from scratch: Copy Automation

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Here I explain the value exchange.

Writers get access to my +100 projects that took me from being a struggling freelancer…

To have a portfolio of 10 profitable websites. 7 of them have produced multiple 6 figures.  I’m giving them the proven path.

I’m giving them the opportunity to have their work seen by investors and consultants.

I’m offering to set them up with two funnels.

An affiliate funnel reselling our coaching products and services a 50%. (Imagine not making 1,500 in a month) then being given a website and offer that is appealing that converts $500 commissions.

A niched fundraising funnel. These writers will go through my training. Each week they will submit an assignment to our editor. At the end of the program, they will have all of the components needed to launch their own funnel. Now they just need to work with a consultant to close the deal and boom. Now they’re getting 10% passive commissions on a 25K offer.

I’m giving them this proven path for free and in exchange asking for their homework assignments which will be used as marketing collateral to sell the course and to drive more investors and consultants to this group.

I’ve had 10 writers commit so far to this program.

I asked them for 5 hours per week to develop their funnel.

That =14.5 pure extra days that the company will be spending on writing content in the next 2 months.

My goal is to have 100 writers go through the program for free.

That means the company will acquire 3,500 hours of content writing work over the next two months where the writers will be following my EXACT proven formula to produce profitable websites. 3,500 hours = 145 DAYS of pure content writing that we will acquire for FREE.

After collecting these 100 testimonies we will launch the copy course at $1,000 and at that point, it will print money on autopilot. Writers will be paying to fuel the machine while also working to keep it rolling downhill.

Do you guys fully understand now why ADC will always produce income? We create irresistible offers.

We’re in the business of helping people.

Brick by Brick.

After the Call, You’ll Know Exactly What to Do.

We Did the Work. We Have the Proof

It’s All Done

Ryan MorganMr.


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