Funding Movies (Looking Ahead)

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Funding Movies (Looking Ahead)

As a quick follow up to our DFY Fundraising Services.
We plan to create a crowdfunding platform designed to raise money for ANYTHING.

Unlike Go Fund Me or Indiegogo where a project is posted to the site hoping to find investors.
With our service, We will be replicating our already successful model..

To deliver interested investors to your doorstep to fund whatever you want.

A Brief Overview of Our Process:
– Generate business listing leads
– Call prospect, direct their attention to our site and presentation
– Get prospect to review presentation deck
– Invite prospect to growing investor community
– Generate cash flow and fixed returns for our community
– Collect a video testimonial from each prospect.
– Leverage our proven lead gen processes, scripts, training, brand equity and consultants to start a new campaign to raise money for anything.

An example of a project that we can take on would be funding a movie.
One of my friends approached me asking if I could help him raise 20MM in the next 6 months for a movie that is expected to generate over 800MM in revenue.

These are the types of projects that we believe our model and service will be able to take on with ease.

We have a proven track record for raising money. Now it’s just time to complete the system to increase the amount of value we can deliver to our clients.

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