How to Automate Billion Dollar Fleets

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I had a client come to me with an opportunity: How To Automate Billion Dollar Fleets

He has a fleet of 65 trucks,  he owns 70% of them. He wants to own 100% of his fleet while also scaling to 400 trucks as fast as possible. Currently, he’s making 1-1.5MM/month with 400 trucks? He’d be earning +10MM/month. 

Thankfully he came to us.

We connect Buyers and Consultants to Opportunities.

We will use his proven number of how he’s generating 20K/month on 65 trucks…And simply present his data to our investors. 

Through our proven process of presentations, video calls, and closing. 

To rapidly raise money for his business.

How will we scale his business from 65 to 400 trucks? 

Through our ADC Automation Network. We will scale our marketing. 

We will make more presentations.  We’ve already raised multiple 6 figures for 7 clients. That doesn’t have a verifiable +8 year million dollar/month track record. So naturally. More money will enter the room. 

What will we do after we scale him to 400 trucks? 

We teach others exactly how to do the same. How? We launch his course.

The ADC Trucking Automation Network Program: 

  1. Training– How to get your first trucks on the road. How to set up your company and manage your day-to-day operations.
  2. Routes– We supply the routes. We buy out e-commerce companies to establish permanent streams of income for years both on the point sale and with fulfillment. 
  3. Funding– We hand you our software to raise money through our network of buyers and consultants to scale your fleet.
  4. Marketing– We use our 50,000/month impressions to drive eyeballs to our free app portal and training program to teach anyone on the road exactly how to set up their own automated trucking fleet. We build a constant pipeline of new drivers and franchisees. 

We’ll give you our exact process on how to get your first truck, your routes, how to recruit your drivers, and exactly how to automate everything. We’ll hand you the data giving instructions on how we scaled a 7 figure/month company. From 8 figures a month to 9 figures annually. 

But wait…

There’s More.

There are plenty of companies out there that can do this and could potentially steal our drivers away so we decided to give them an offer that they can’t refuse. A slice of the Ai exit. 

We acknowledge that in the next 10-20 years we will reach a point where truck driving as a profession will become obsolete. Technology will automate this profession in an effort to improve efficiency and profitability. 

So why not prepare our drivers and the world for this inevitability with a simple solution. Leverage the ADC Automation Network to invest directly into artificial intelligence. Let’s be the ones that automate everything. Because….we’ll have all the routes.

We’ll be collecting the data for the next 20 years. 

What will make our truck driving network grow so fast is the fact that we will set up a recruiting funnel explaining this entire process. To every driver that signs up with us. 

So from the very beginning. They will know their place in the plan, how they fit in, and how they can exit the job to do what they REALLY want. We will send them education and training audiotapes while they drive so they are fully prepared for life beyond truck driving in 3-5 years. 

To Summarize:

We will leverage the proven trucking revenue + ADC Fundraising to invest into growing a buyer network that will focus their money into the following long-term spaces. 

Ecommerce– To establish and control new fulfillment routes and points of sale for eternity.

Education– To build a network that understands how to grow the company automatically. 

Artificial Intelligence- To hold the keys to the soon to be Ai automated trucking network. 

We will use this process not only for trucking but also for rideshare, shipping, and air parcels. 

If you have any questions as to who we are or how we can help. Please feel free to visit our site and schedule a free consultation today. 

After the Call, You’ll Know Exactly What To Do

We Did the Work. We Have the Proof

It’s All Done.

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