How to Have a “Buy Worthy” Opening Call With a Prospect

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How to Have a “Buy Worthy” Opening Call With a Prospect

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – sales is hard. 


You need to have a good opening call, try not to bore the prospect, and make them trust you all at the same time. 


But how do you know what will work? How can you have a “buy worthy” opening call with a prospect?


 In this blog post we’ll be exploring these questions and more!


But first we need to get into the mindset of a successful 7-figure closer…


The Buyer Abundance Theory 


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there aren’t enough leads to make decent commissions as a high-ticket closer… especially when you’re paying between $45-$60 for each lead. 


That’s why we’ve injected a profound mindset shift called the Buyer Abundance Theory. This theory is molded just as the name states – an abundance of buyers. 


When you believe that you will have buyers in abundance, a few “magical” things happen…


  • You no longer feel so much pressure to close the sale 

  • You don’t give off desperation during the call

  • You actually close MORE high-ticket sales 


The simple reason being that you’re putting yourself in a position of authority on the call. 


So let’s break down what an opening call looks like…


The 10 Objectives During An Opening Call 


During this opening call, we’re here to build rapport and ultimately… see if this prospect is a good fit for the offer or not. 

There are 10 objectives you’ll want to cross off the list throughout the call…


  1. Are they interested in buying?

  2. Which offer do they want? 

  3. How much money do they have available? 

  4. What is motivating them to buy an automated business? 

  5. What other businesses have they been looking at?

  6. When do they want to get started?

  7. What are their business objections or questions?

  8. What do they do? (let them talk about themselves to build rapport) 

  9. When is the best time to follow up with them?


All of these are key questions you’ll want to answer as you speak with the prospect. 


Sometimes people are ready to buy. 


Sometimes people aren’t ready to buy. 


Other times… they really just don’t have the money right now. And that’s okay. 


Since we’re thinking in terms of buyer abundance – there is going to be another prospect who is perfect for the offer. 


If the opening call goes well you’ll then want to move into the Qualifying Call. 


Tap here to see the exact steps needed to qualify the prospect and land the sale.


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