How To Raise Capital For Whatever You Want – Outbound Campaign

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How To Raise Capital For Whatever You Want - Outbound Campaign

Very often when speaking to my clients about the ADC Automation Network they ask me, how are you going to produce ROI when we invest into your company?

I’m going to give you that answer through a duplicatable 7 step system.
I believe this model will produce massive success for not only myself and my clients.
It will become a system that anyone can follow to raise capital for what they want in life.

Step 1) Outbound Campaign: This is the step that 99% will never pass. The ability to call business opportunity leads and convert them into high paying clients.

Success in this field takes dedication, persistence and commitment.
This is something that I’ve done successfully 80 times for 12 different companies.
We have seen success so far with our Automation campaign.

But in order to scale. We must generate more qualified leads and train more consultants to deliver the presentation via video conference. Currently the outbound campaign has been a one man effort. In the next 14 days we will be in position to scale rapidly.

How We Will Scale Our Outbound Campaign
Outbound Calls -Something pretty much nobody wants to do, cold call investors. Even when they applied and have expressed interest. You have to call out of the blue to set the appointment. You have to follow up. There will be many no shows. You have to call them again and reschedule. Most people never make it past this point to close a deal let alone create a full time income for an extended period of time. Our model has proven to train and duplicate the success of our conversion process through 5 different consulting firms. The only bottle neck preventing more successful consultants? Generating qualified leads which is why we are raising capital.
Sending Emails– Many clients after an extended period of time become unreachable via phone call. They only accept emails. Here you must learn to close the deal. You must deliver the information in a precise way. You must answer questions patiently. You overturn objections. You push to the next appointment.
– Driving Traffic to Facebook Group– We will soon increase our efforts marketing our group through a consistent content + blog campaign. We will leverage influencers, JV Partners, paid media to multiply the amount of eyeballs we can drive to our group so investors can see the system that is successfully putting their money to work.
Creating Educational Content– Blog posts, video content, graphics designed to increase market awareness of the ADC Automation Model and how to join our group to receive more information.
Training Consultants- Teaching consultants how to make outbound calls, create relationships and to schedule qualified video consultations.
Investing into New Marketing Channels– Finding new ways to multiply our revenue by generating qualified leads.
Creating JV Partnerships– Delivering our content to companies that have already created relationships with qualified clients looking for automation services.

We will document exactly how we successfully scale our campaign for the purpose of duplication. We know that learning how to create a subscriber list of hot investors will be valuable to ANYONE that is looking for passive income or wants to raise capital.

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