How To Raise Capital For Whatever You Want- Systemize ADC

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How To Raise Capital For Whatever You Want- Systemize ADC

Creating All Done Consulting has been my life’s work. I’ve been moving as fast as humanly possible to get from point A to point B. Marketing and sales is what I do, operations, accounting, administration, financing and organization is not. Which is why we’ve spent the first 3 weeks creating a “method to my madness” when it comes to running this business.

The clients see the copy and the sales calls, but there is a lot more that I spend my time doing to make sure that the company is operational. These steps all are being recorded and documented so in 6 months, the company can run itself with or without me.

Create Automation for Finance, Sales and Admin: The business has been managed manually thus far through myself and my VA; this entire process will be automated and documented.
Secure Legalization of concept– On Friday I had a 40 minute meeting with compliance about how to protect All Done Consulting in this endeavor, because I am not a licensed broker I must structure our offer as a marketing/ recruitment service not as a financial manager. Our agreement will be revised to reflect an adequate model.
Create Financial Forecasting– After we have automated our accounting we can have a raw look at the data for the money in and money out which will give us a clear financial road map of exactly what will be required to reach out fundraising goals.
Invest into Human Capital– I just read a Sam Ovens post that spoke directly to my soul. In order to scale our fundraising efforts we need to hire more staff. Sam provides a great outline for the types of people that need to be hired.

1. Generalist — This is someone to get across everything. Sales calls, organic prospecting, ads, support emails, coaching, managing stuff. Your right hand.
Position Filled– Arvell Anthony COO
2. Sales rep — This is someone who sells your stuff. David, Nick, and Allan do this for me.
Currently Interviewing for High Performance.
3. Email support — This is someone who handles your customer support email tickets.
Position Filled– Jasmine Pierce Copy Chief
4. Data — This is someone who looks at your data, to help you make better decisions.
. Coding — This is someone who builds and maintains software for you.
Position Filled– Ryan Frost- Web Chief
6. Accounting — This is someone who reconciles the accounts, provides you a daily P&L, position amount, and ensures taxes are sorted.
Position Filled– Chris Jordan Accounting


The sooner we can Systematize ADC the sooner we can scale the growth of the company and the sooner we can take on larger projects for longer terms. One of the main logical objections an investor can make when buying in is, “What happens if something happens to you Ryan?” As of right now, we can’t expect the company to produce similar results.

Which is why we need to map out my processes and get the training created immediately.
The ADC Consulting model does not take a genius to run the company.

They just simply need to keep applying the same proven system and processes to generate and convert our customers. In 6 months the entire company will be automated and franchised.

Our end goal will be to one day set up 12 automated ADC offices around the world.
Raising capital for various products and services.

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