How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want- ADC Consulting

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How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want- ADC Consulting

What I do every day is very repetitive. I’ve followed the same opening script for two years.
All my video scripts and letters follow the same format. I have created a proven process to raise capital for early stage concepts.

I am not the only person on the planet that can call business broker leads and get them to invest into automated services. I have successfully taught 5 consultants how to replicate my efforts, the only thing preventing them from generating more revenue is more quality leads. (Holland, Dillon, Sachet, Searchlight Media, Jared)

Launching our training programs successfully will produce new streams of income while also exponential leverage with our already successful model, leaving me with more time to source opportunities.

We will be launching two training programs to automate our DFY Fundraising services.

The purpose of our training program will be to automate my copywriting work. I’m going to teach struggling writers who are stuck in the “freelancer trap” how I went from struggling to earn $640/month as a writer to have the skill to set up a new offer in 3 days that generates 6 figure weeks.

I’m going to teach these writers everything that I have learned about writing copy by going through the +70 projects that took me from a freelancer to who I am today. I will be providing breakdowns of what I was thinking, how it converted and how they can do the same.

How to Write Copy To Collapse Time– Answering all their questions. Collecting Payment.
1) Becoming a 7 Figure Writer– How I made the shift.
2) Freelancer Vs Fundraiser– Business coaching on why writers should raise capital.
3) VSL Scripts– How I structure my scripts. (13 Examples)
4) Sales Letters– Letters that Convert (23 Examples)
5) Presentation Decks– Delivering the information to buy (11 Examples)
6) Emails– How to close the deal (16 Examples)
7) Content Engine– Educational content that qualifies your audience. (30 & counting)

After completing each video training the writer will be instructed to complete an assignment for review by our Copy Chief. Quality content will be posted to our blog our sent out to our list for tracking. The best writers will be hired full time to work for the company.

Our training program is designed to help writers create a meaningful portfolio while also contributing content to an already successful 7 figure funnel. The end result will be dozens of trained writers that can perform like myself which will allow our company to expand exponentially.

After launching the writing program we will have a new stream of content and profit which will result in a surplus of leads. We will need more trained consultants to call those leads, qualify them and convert prospects into video consultations.

My consulting training will teach the students everything I have learned along the way when working with 12 different companies and converting more than 80 clients. I’ll be going over the scripts, my process, the follow up, the close while also including dozens of client interviews. I’m going to follow up with my best clients and record their feedback… Why exactly did you sign up with me when all I sent were screenshots pasted on a powerpoint presentation?

The insight provided by these clients will be invaluable in providing me with the ability to successfully train more consultants to make outbound calls.

The ADC Consulting Program– How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want
1) Becoming a 7 Figure Consultant– The mindset of a professional fundraiser.
2) The Hired Gun– How to become employable in the high ticket service niche.
3) Becoming a Business– How to build a brand and funnel so people come to you.
4) Crafting Your Marketing Message– My 7 figure copywriting portfolio.
5) Influence– How to drive traffic to your funnel.
6) Becoming the Bank– How to leverage credit to grow your business exponentially.
7) Play by Play Live Breakdowns + Transcriptions- Hear exactly why they sent the money over.

After completing these two training programs the company will have two new income streams that will be used to scale our companies lead generation. More consultants, leads and writers = more revenue and ability to deliver to our service providers.

Our goal is to complete both of these training programs in the next 30-90 days.

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