How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want: Find New Vendors

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How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want: Find New Vendors

The following blog series… How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want was created to answer the “It’s too good to be true” objection I often hear when speaking to prospective clients.

I outlined this step by step plan because I know that when executed it will produce results for myself but also for anyone else that decides to follow this path.

What I’m doing is not rocket science, we have a proven method to raise capital.
– Spend money to get more investors to express interest in my business.
– Write and create videos so they schedule a consultation with me.
– Convert those consultations into high paying customers

My personal efforts with this new model produced over 300K in 2 weeks (this is an 8 figure annual income.) If I can teach 100 people how to produce half of what I have already done. The company will be on track to hit 10 figures in the next 5 years.

How To Create Unlimited Money
1) Outbound Campaign– Perfect the process of calling investors and converting them.
2) Systemize Process– Map out the lead gen, admin, ops, financing and accounting.
3) Complete Training– Automate lead generation and conversion.
4) Secure Fundraising Client– Hire more staff and acquire capital for longer terms.
5) Invest In House– Grow businesses that collect data to grow your initial bottom line.
6) Over Deliver To Your Customers– Invest profits into clients, collect testimonials.
7) Search for New Vendors– Leverage the entire process, staff and system to find unique opportunities to promote to our investors and consulting network.

After the following is completed:
– We have offices generating predictable calls and revenue
– We can resell our process as a franchised system
– We have 20 trained high performing writers and consultants
– We have established that our process works for other projects
– We have built multiple businesses that scale one another for existing.
– We have +100 testimonials of clients that received 2x returns + cashflow
– Have 500 blog posts and videos explaining why investors, providers and consultants should join our Free Facebook group.

We will have the ability to go out to the marketplace and raise money for anything that we want. At that point will become a venture capital firm looking for genius technology startups to invest into, we will have the capital, marketing and sales teams capable of taking any idea and making it a unicorn.

I do not believe that there is a limit to what we can do with this model, I do not believe it is proprietary. I believe anyone can copy my exact formula to surround themselves with a network of investors. Our end goal will be to create a training program and eventually a service to do just that. Teach people how to create their own funds.

We will develop funds in the following markets, ecom, rideshare, banking, crypto, content, coaching, events and technology. Each one of these markets can warrant having a dedicated site, fund, community, training + network of consultants.

Very often I hear on my calls when I outline my plan. “It sounds too good to be true.”
I take this as the greatest compliment anyone can ever make to me. The ADC Automation Network is a guaranteed and irrefutable plan to produce billions of dollars in the next 3-5 years. It is my life’s work. I have put every ounce of my energy and soul into creating this opportunity and presenting the following information.

Why It’s Not Too Good to Be True
– A very few percentage of the world’s population is willing to commit to being unemployed, broke and hungry for 6 years, with a college education.
– Even fewer will commit to spending 2 years cold calling investors.
– Even fewer more will see success with that commitment by generating 80 clients for 12 companies with almost 2MM in sales.
– For the percentage of people that have accomplished this (probably less than 20 people on the planet) One must have the insight to create a more efficient model that benefits every party involved. (The ADC Automation Network)

The only reason why this offer is too good to be true is because I did the work and you haven’t met many people that have dedicated their lives to justifiably becoming a billionaire in the public and private markets. I have verifiable evidence that I am qualified to deliver on all of my claims. Absolutely nothing in this world or the next will stop me from reaching my goals and delivering unmatched results to my clients.

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After the Call You’ll Know Exactly What to Do.
We Did the Work. We Have the Proof.

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