How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want: Resell Fundraising Funnel

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How To Raise Money For Anything That You Want: Resell Fundraising Funnel

After scaling our outbound campaign, organizing and automating our operations, and completing our training program we will have everything that we need to show distinct financial forecasting to a larger company in need of our services.

After completing the first three steps we will next structure an offer to take on a client to prove the value of our service. We will have the writers, consultants and financial reporting to clearly show a company: (If you invest 500K here you can expect to have 3MM there in 9-12 months.)

We will be able to prove this with raw data and actual transactions. We will not necessarily need to take on one of these fundraising clients immediately, however it does provide us with the opportunity to take on significantly more capital for longer more suitable terms than our initial 6 month offer.

We will create this offer and wait until we find the perfect match to fit what our clients are looking to invest into. We have already been approached by several opportunities that could benefit from the long term vision of our fundraising services.

Examples of Fundraising Clients We Can Help:
Movie Script– A company that needs capital to produce their valuable content.
VC Firm– Making pitch decks and calls to raise funds for proven investments.
Dispensary– Creating a network of early shareholders into a new fund.
Tech Startup– Offering equity, shares into a patent or tech concept.
Non Profit Organizations– Providing write offs/ tax benefits to our clients.

These are all examples of projects where we could realistically charge 2MM or more to help build out a dedicated writing, sales, operations staff while also building out a program to automate their hiring process.

We will create this page to attract, interview and vet the perfect candidate.
The successful partnership with the right client will increase the value and of our brand.

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