How To Raise Money For Anything You Want: Create In House Income

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How To Raise Money For Anything You Want: Create In House Income

A common objection or question our clients typically ask when presented with the ADC Automation fund is, what are we going to invest into? How are we going to make the money? Which is a great question to ask. Of course, nobody wants to invest into a crazed sales person without a process or direction.

Yes we do have high profiting investment opportunities that we can direct our capital to, yes we have relationships with people that have already generated 9 and 10 figures in business.
No we do not need to spend a single penny outside of the company to make millions.

Here’s How: By investing into a proven brand + copywriting | closer we can quickly scale our income by simply writing more copy, setting up new websites to sell other products, services and information. After generating multiple 6 figures in online sales it will be very easy to reach out to a partner who is having success with an ad campaign to create more income.

We will be setting up 7 in house funnels that all will be collecting data and helping to build our brand while also creating significant revenue which will protect all of our investors.

7 Funnels to Add to ADC:
Investors– Create a page dedicated to people looking to buy an automated business.
Providers– looking for other ecom vendors or automated providers
Writers– selling our training program to writers.
Consultants– selling our training program to consultants.
DFY Recruiting– creating an affiliate agency where we contract our writers and consultants to work for other companies.
– DFY Fundraising– Searching for higher end projects that need to raise millions over the next 9-12 months. (See step 4)
Events– Selling communal entertainment to our clients, generating profits on tickets, liquor, sponsorship, travel, and masterminds.

Each one of these business models? I have the talent and experience to create and execute.
Each model should be expected to scale to at least 100K/month in the next 6 months.
Each model creates data and nurtures relationships to achieve a common goal, getting more investors to subscribe to the ADC Automation fund.

The realistic cost to launch these 7 businesses successfully will be somewhere between 50-150K. Profits from one business will be used to start the next one.

In addition to starting 7 inhouse models, we will be creating profit with our clients money by
– Leveraging Credit- Using our proven revenue and liquidity to obtain a long term loan.
– Leasing Banking Instruments- Use cash on cash as collateral to fund our projects.
– Purchasing Portfolios- Obtain assets to increase the value of our company.
– Bitcoin Mining- Collecting 100% monthly returns on capital invested.

So to answer your question, what are we going to do with the money?
How are we going to create profit?
We are first off all going to invest into human capital to grow our brand.

Next we are going to invest into our proven skill sets to create 7 business models in house.
After we have created sufficient passive income we will invest aggressively to secure the company for the end of time.

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