How To Raise Money for Anything You Want- Deliver To Your Customers

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How To Raise Money for Anything You Want- Deliver To Your Customers

After investing heavily into our funnels and successfully generating results through banking programs we as a company will be in position to deliver unmatched value to our clients.

Unlike most internet companies that continue to invest their profits into marketing, selling more and more people without tangible proof that the company can deliver… we’re going to reach back to every single person. That invested into ADC from the very beginning.

To make sure that they ALL received a profitable return.

Your store got suspended? Here’s a new business to take it’s place.
Oh, let me send you a 2x on what you invested for the lost time.

One of the vendors ran off with your money?
Here’s a 2x for your wasted time an a video presentation explaining how you invested into an 8 figure company and how you’ve already been included in the next round of fundraising.

Need help growing your business?
Not a problem we have a team of writers and consultants that can help you with that + a budget of millions to help you scale whatever you are working on.

Your son needs a job?
Not a problem, what’s his email we’ll send him our training program. He can get started with us next week.

This step will be the most important step of all when it comes to teaching people how they can Raise Capital For Whatever They Want. Creating a network of people that like, love and trust you.

Once you can create a community of people that can trust you with their money, and you have evidence of making good on your promises. Money at that point isn’t real and can be created in unlimited quantities.

Money is defined as a medium of exchange. The only reason why you spend a dollar today is because you believe that someone else will accept it as a token of value. The dollar is a receipt of debt, it has value because the general public believes that the bank can make good on its promise of the funds.

Everyone knows that if everyone in America went to the bank today to withdraw their money.
The dollar would collapse instantaneously. But instead, the economy continues to press on.
The same concept can be used with the ADC Automation Network.

We have create a proven and predictable process to get clients to trust us with their money for 6-12 month terms. We provide guarantees that our business model and proven revenue will make good on this guarantee, securing their investment while also proving the opportunity of a profitable return.

If every client today came to me asking for a refund. My company would collapse.
But instead. Every day another client joins my community and willingly parts ways with a piece of their financial security in exchange for my business model and plan.

Why? There is a mutual belief between the client and my community that the ADC Consulting model will make good on the guarantee and produce money.

Similar to how Sam Ovens has been able to become the household name when it comes to coaching and consulting (+3,000 reviews on We will share similar market domination but in the automation industry. Imagine 3,000 investors providing a personal story about how they invested into the company and received a profitable return even if the original venture did not work out.

After following up with every single client, delivering on our word. Over delivering on our services by providing follow up resources such as coaching or copywriting consulting we will be in position to raise money for anything that we want.

At that point it will be very easy for us to secure higher end Fundraising clients that will be interested in leveraging our proven process and brand equity to raise capital for their projects.

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