How To Use Credit To Collapse Time

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(Discover How To Maximize The Value of Your Time With Ecom Automation

I think we all can agree that time is our most valuable asset. 

Do you know what comes in at a close second? 


Why? Because credit can be used to buy time and if it’s used correctly… sometimes you don’t even have to pay it back.

Let me explain… 

I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of OPM correct? 

Other people’s money. The educated rich continue to get richer simply because they know how to handle their finances in a more effective way that the average working man. 

For example, one of our partner’s Flint, resident business buyer of All Done Consulting has a mentor that has successfully made over 53 Billion in business acquisitions. 

Yet, still to this day, if a new deal comes across his desk, he will never use cash to make the investment, despite the fact that he already has all of the money in the world he will still do his next deal exactly how he did his first one. 

You should take a lesson from the super rich. 

Use your Credit to Collapse Time. 

Use your cash to create leverage. So how can you use Credit to Collapse Time with the help of All Done Consulting? 


Go to to receive a free quote on the amount of financing that you can apply for. 

If you do not have the necessary credit you can get it repaired for about $750. 

Let me give you a side by side comparison on how the average working man can use credit to collapse time thanks to All Done Consulting instead of using cash to make a passive investment. 

First let’s do the cash buyer. We’ll call this one Frank.

Frank makes $15/hr working 40 hours per week. Meaning if he was living in a vacuum it would take him more than 6 ½ weeks to save up enough money for our limited time eBay offer of 4,000. 

First of all… in six weeks, there is a better than likely chance that this offer will be more than double meaning Frank still wouldn’t be able to afford our services. 

If he didn’t miss this limited time opportunity then 3-5 months after he first started saving he would finally be at the break even point. 

Total cost- $4,000/ 6 weeks of life. 5 Months at break even. 

Now let’s try Bill he has the same job and hours as Frank.

 Instead of using cash, Bill decided to use his business line of credit of $5,000 to pay for his automated Ebay store. Bill has favorable terms where he only has to pay $150/month. 

So lets do the math.. If it took 3 months for Bill’s store to start producing 1-2K/month in profit.

(M1$150)+ M2 +M3= Total Cost of $450/75% of One Weeks Pay. 5 Months = $5,000+ in profit. 

After month 3, Bill no longer has to make the payments to cover his card, his store can do that. So now after 6 months both employees are earning $5,000+/month and are free to quit their jobs. 

Bill got to get started 6 weeks earlier meaning he profited more than $9,000 more than Frank with the same amount of time. Not only did Bill get away with owning an automated store without ever making the full $4,000 out of pocket… it didn’t take 6 weeks pay for him to get started. 

Interested in learning how you use credit to collapse time? 

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