How To Use The Law of Reciprocity To Instantly Close High Ticket Deals

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(Discover how We Use the Law of Reciprocity to Generate Passive Income For Our Clients)

This is one of my favorite marketing quotes, hopefully it doesn’t go over your head… 

“Although the obligation to repay construes the essence of the reciprocity rule. It is the obligation to receive that makes the law so easy to exploit.”

Most people will read this and think…”huh??”

So I’ll make it simpler. 

“What goes around comes around.”

Have you ever walked into the mall and someone offered you a free sample of something?

At first you had no interest at all, but then once you realized that: 

  1. Someone took the time to put something together for you
  2. It’s absolutely free

You almost feel rude for not accepting the offer… 

At this point after receiving the free gift and seeing the value for what it is, you now partially feel obligated to make payment for something that you didn’t even ask for or want. 

….So how does this work for marketing your business? 

Simple. As The great marketer Frank Kern once said, “We are paid in direct proportion to the amount of value that we deliver and distribute to the marketplace.” 

Meaning. Find a way to deliver more value to your customers. 

That’s what I’m looking to do with this blog. 

Answer questions before they’re even asked.

If you’ve ever done high ticket sales before… you know one of the biggest objections one will make to keep themselves from moving forward is…

“I need to take some time to do some research.”

Which for an educated buyer making a $30,000+ investment… it is a completely valid objection. 

So how does a consultant like yourself overcome this natural obstacle to success? 

Simple. Transparently do the research for your customers. 

When a prospect tells me they need to take some time to do some research I say… 

“Perfect I just sent you a 6 paged report to your email, How long will it take you to read it? Or if you want we can go over it on the call right now…”

 I just provided you with a SWOT analysis of my top competitors…if I was an illegitimate company or did not believe that I had a valuable offer.. 

Why in the world would I take the time to do research on my competitors and more importantly… 

Why would I direct you to the people that do the exact same thing as me that are actually bigger companies/further ALONG??

By doing this to your prospects (directing uneducated buyers to your competition) you do two things: 

  1. You instantly deliver a solution to a perfectly viable objection. You’re ultimately providing the prospect with the information that they need to make an educated decision. 
  2. You are demonstrating that you are not desperate to win the validation of your client. You’re showing that you have a successful business with or without their support, you could care less if they decide to do business with you. 

….This is a reverse psychology that only seasoned professionals will feel confident using.

Very similar to how a high value woman will only appreciate a man’s approach if he appears to be a challenge… a prospect will always gravitate to the sales person that doesn’t need them for success. 

Show your customers a transparent solution to their problem… and you’ll be amazed by how positively they will respond. 

Don’t be afraid to lose deals. Be afraid to not deliver value

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