How We Generated 100x Roi Online in 120 days

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How We Generated 100x Roi Online in 120 days

Very often I speak to prospects about the ADC Consulting Model and how it will produce exponential returns for all clients involved.

Our average client is coming in looking to buy an ecom store that is projected to produce them anywhere from 3-4k/month in 3-6 months. The average service provider in the automation industry projects a full ROI in 6-9 months (I know this because I’ve represented +12 automation companies and have enrolled more than 80 clients.)

After collecting these experiences I realized that I could create an offer that my clients couldn’t refuse. I started to tell them.

Well instead of you investing into a business now, hoping to get your money back in 6 months… Why not invest into a website that is producing exponentially higher and faster returns?

With this offer, I can get you an automated business with the same projected results…
But instead of just your money back. In 6 months I can deliver you a 2x return.

By investing into lead gen for
For more than 2 years I have been calling investors for all kinds of opportunities.
I have perfected the art of the close, without references, case studies or testimonials.
I was able to create great success as a broker netting around 400K last year.

As a Fundraiser I expect to soon generate similar figures on a bi-weekly basis.

Invest into my proven system except now instead of being a broker where we send away 80-90% of the money away.. We keep that money and reinvest it into a system that provides exponential returns.

On March 24th we invested $5,000 into our website, videos and leads to start a new campaign:
In 100 days we secured 13 clients generating 300K in revenue
We started a new campaign on June 1st. It generated $132,000 in revenue in 16 days.
On June 21st we started our Automation campaign. It has generated $140,000 + 100K equity home commitment in 3 weeks. (Writing June 8th)

So to recap. We spent 5K on March 24th to build a new source of leads. Since then we’ve conducted 29 transactions to generate $572,000 in trackable back statements.

Meaning we were able to 100x our revenue in about 100 days.
With the old broker model, more than half of this money was sent away.

With our new model we have an offer that is exponentially easier to sell with 5x the returns.
Check out this video or download this PDF to see the three case studies of how we created a 100x return on spend in 100 days.

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