Creating a Hybrid Workforce with Remote Call Center Automation


A remote call center provides a real human workforce to deliver Automation Network’s $100 offer as quickly as possible. That’s not the only reason having a human agent is a priority now. You see, with the growth and development of the Automation Network business transformation includes the highest level of customer satisfaction. Everyone on the All Done Consulting team is working hard to streamline business process integration through a single platform. And it’s actually working!

The collaborative platform of the Automation Network creates a digital space that connects the business provider, buyer and consultant all in one place. Without consulting automation platforms, many ecommerce businesses, drop shipping and start-ups often fail. The ADC channel offers numerous benefits to clients with a continued effort to handle routine to complex tasks for any niche. Resources are being delegated to the appropriate channel of choice as the foundation for the App + Software is developed. That being said, ADC’s remote call center is the ideal pairing to support our dream of a digital workforce. With real call center employees focused on sales calls, workforce engagement also becomes more streamlined.

Remember … The 250K package provides service providers a way to contact customers and create a user experience that can reach multiple companies. Leveraging the Automation Network’s numerous offers through call center sales calls allows the App + Software to grow along with the digital workforce. 

Boosting digital workforce engagement relies on the proper distribution of human resources toward business growth within the Automation Network. Each business day offers new opportunities for customer interaction. It’s our goal to create customer conversations within the chat, task and workgroup features of the App + Software to deliver cost savings to our clients. Reliable services include copywriting, product research, CRM management, and lead generation all with the help of innovative technology anyone can access right from a laptop or smartphone. Because the future of your business is NOW, we know the key element in bringing the dream of artificial intelligence business support to life is (you guessed it) real people. 

The Hybrid Workforce and Your Automation Transformation

Robotic process automation can reduce the stress and financial burden of routine tasks but customer workflows can still get confusing. The secret to making automation work for any company is the learning process. While call centers focus on creating a hybrid workforce, the Automation Network creates digital channels with an entire team operating on strategies driven by advanced analytics. 

Teaching new, talented people how to leverage their own professional skills and network is how All Done Consulting creates a successful employee experience. Understanding that business leaders are made one step at a time with the help of experienced masterminds is exactly why the Automation Network provides copywriting training and an affordable onboarding offer anyone can instantly access and start delivering their own self-service option for business.

The $100 Offer From Automation Network 

Today, managing complex business processes can hold company owners back from reaching their goals of business growth. People everywhere let valuable, marketable skills go to waste because they simply do not know how to create lucrative interactions. The $100 package is specifically designed to deliver the basic 40+ features of the app + software to anyone ready to get started. Upgrades are available for numerous subscriptions and consultants will be rewarded with a generous commission structure for converting data into the network.

The $100 Offer:

  • Teach valuable skills
  • Connect providers, buyers and consultants
  • Drive users to learn how to use app + software
  • Save valuable time & money
  • Create your own small business!

The Acquisitions Automation Network

The acquisitions automation model creates a relationship with service management teams as part of the app + software that develops a self-sustaining digital ecosystem. The ad budget shows Automation Network members how to collect data profitably while they leverage the vital connection between the business provider, buyer, and consultant. The acquisition automation model allows the network to scale outbound strategies reaching qualified companies designed to accommodate mobile workforces through the Automation Network.

While there are many pieces to the Automation Network you may not know where you fit in. Find out more about how you can connect with us via the App + Software or join us for a weekly meeting and start networking today!



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