Mastering the Science of Sales With 4 Proven Resources

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science of sales

Mastering the Science of Sales With 4 Proven Resources

Sales seem to be a scary topic for hundreds of entrepreneurs. But mastering the science of sales is essential when it comes to scaling a business and achieving success. 

With so much advice out there on how to sell, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite books that will help you understand and master the art and science of sales.

1. Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

This book will show you how to develop habits that lead to success. You’ll also learn how to align with the market and [benefit here]. 

2. Selerator: Turn Words Into Cash Course by Jon Benson 

This course hands over the exact framework for creating winning VSL’s that convince buyers to purchase your high-ticket offer. 

3. Straight Line Persuasion by Jordan Belfort 

In “Straight Line Persuasion”, Jordan Belfort provides the framework to guide the call in a predictable manner. This way you can set up the call for success and close the sale much easier with less pushback. 

4. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff 

Oren Klaff passes off his winning blueprint behind creating presentations to sell… well, anything. This is what we use time and time again to close investors on deals as high as $50,000.

5. The Closer’s Survival Guide by Grant Cardone 

This book was written by Grant Carone with key insight on how to close others using their same thought process and the motivations of your prospects. You’ll discover how to tap into psychological triggers of your prospect while guiding them towards the sale in an ethical approach. 

All of these books have massively aided in my journey towards $2.5MM in sales. 

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