Qualify Your Prospect With These 9 Questions

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Qualify Your Prospect With These 9 Questions

When you’re talking to a potential customer, it’s important to get an idea of what their needs and wants are. It can be difficult to know where to start with this, but there is a specific process for qualifying your prospect that will help guide the conversation in the right direction. 


This blog post will walk you through nine questions that should be asked during any sales call or meeting – these questions provide an easy way to find out if they’re worth pursuing. 


But first let’s explore the mindset needed for communicating with and landing high-ticket prospects…


The Buyer Abundance Theory 


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there aren’t enough leads to make decent commissions as a high-ticket closer… especially when you’re paying between $45-$60 for each lead. 


That’s why we’ve injected a profound mindset shift called the Buyer Abundance Theory. This theory is molded just as the name states – an abundance of buyers. 


When you believe that you will have buyers in abundance, a few “magical” things happen…


  • You no longer feel so much pressure to close the sale 

  • You don’t give off desperation during the call

  • You actually close MORE high-ticket sales 


The simple reason being that you’re putting yourself in a position of authority on the call. 


So let’s break down what a solid qualifying call looks like…


Qualifying the Buyer and Collecting the Sale 


The qualifying has been coined as a few different things – discovery call, strategy session – but they all come to simple questions…


We’ve listed them below so you can copy and paste for future references. 


  1. Are they still a buyer?

  2. Which service are they most interested in? 

  3. Are they reviewing the emails you’re sending?

  4. How much money do they have available?

  5. What’s their credit score?

  6. Do they also have working capital? 

  7. Do they have any partners also involved in the decision? 

  8. Are they available for a video call this week?

  9. What is the biggest objection holding them back from the sale? 


Once all of these are answered, you’ll have a pretty good idea on whether to swipe left or swipe right on the lead. 


This is just one of 4 steps to closing high ticket sales. 


The next step is the video presentation. 


If you want to see me present a consulting offer to a B2B Angel Investor, go here to check it out.


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