Shopify Automation Case Study

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Shopify Automation Case Study

Our Shopify Campaign was our first opportunity to represent a service provider with backing since working in the UK with I-Store Labs. The company came to us for a simple reason.

They needed 20K clients and they wanted them fast.
The campaign turned a 10K investment into 387 in revenue.

We schedule an interview to learn more about the model. We dug into the websites.
We got to work. As with all of our vendors we follow simple duplicatable processes to produce a predictable pipeline. 1) Listing Lead Gen 2) VSL 3) Sales Letter 4) Pitch Deck 6) Emails

The campaign worked successfully. It was able to convert 17 clients for a minimum deal size of $20,000 with our proven process.

When I tell people on my calls that investing into my site has proven to produce 38x Roi in 120 days I’m always told… It’s too good to be true. Okay? Here’s More Proof.

Here is the VSL that we used to generate appointments.
Here is the original letter that I wrote
This is the presentation deck that we used.
Here are screenshots of Bank statements during the campaign.

This Shopify Case study is significant because we were able to produce exponential returns for a new model, without case studies, testimonials or references. While extremely profitable.
ADC collected only 30% of this campaign.

Now with ADC Automation. We can produce higher rates of return with a 4-5x profit margin.
Our offer also comes with a daily growing community, 30 references, 8 case studies and 1.5 years of bank statements to verify the success of our model.

Interested in growing your company so you can experience similar results?
Or maybe you’d like to invest into a proven income stream, sit back and collect the checks…

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