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In This Video We Break Down Terms and Conditions

If you’re watching this video you are ready to learn the details of the terms and conditions of this offer. After seeing the interest in consulting automation is HUGE we are happy to clearly define the terms. Obviously, if you want to join the ADC Network you need to know the conditions of the agreement in simple terms you can understand. Even though from time to time (especially in a pandemic) things can get complicated – we keep it simple. Because customer service is our priority, we also ensure that the program terms and conditions are explained in a way that fits your business needs. 

During your free introductory session on how consulting automation works, we can discuss your current business plan but if you don’t have one – it’s okay. We will still create a successful company strategy that runs itself and or explain all of the program benefits. The terms of service are important and as high-quality customer service is our priority, we want to make sure the applicable terms are clear to you. 

NOTE: There is no need to worry about hidden costs or service charges. All of the costs will be clearly detailed as terms of service at your consultation and time of booking. All of your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS are reserved when you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As a copyright owner of your own documents, you can enjoy the income for years to come.

ADC Consulting Automation Network Program

ADC Consulting Automation Network strategy includes the SEPARATE TERMS of the system. The overall program terms and conditions applied to over 20 different offers can be seen in this breakdown.

5-Step ADC Strategy:

  • Get the Offer. We develop client relationships with companies you can use within the ADC Network system. With over 20 unique offers you can always count on new, irresistible program benefits through the Automation Network
  • Create the Funnel. We create pitch, video, letter, webinar and marketing emails for your company. There are absolutely no additional service charges to get access to these 7-figure funnel templates.
  • Buy the Leads. The ADC Network connects you to thousands of exclusive leads we will share with you. As an ADC member you will enjoy these program terms and conditions. Investors are not hard to find so stop looking for business buyers alone!
  • Access to ADC Services. . We show you EXACTLY how to access everything in the app, and use all of the exclusive ADC services.
  • DWY Fundraising | 1 Project.  We will help you raise money for whatever you want for your company. In fact, we show you step-by-step.



The #1 problem facing online business owners today is that about 80% fail during the startup phase. Falling victim to online scammers, most companies do not make it. Add to that, the burden of time commitment, unforeseen costs, low engagement rates and thousands of people give up on launching the company of their dreams. We created the solution with All Done Consulting. Now, without content marketing, selling or delivering you can purchase completely done-for-you automated consultant services. Owning a profitable internet business IS possible! The ADC Network provides a business in a box complete with service teams, marketing strategy, email marketing, referral programs and more. We are going to teach you and your entire team how to become consulting experts so you can build a successful online business.

How Can Terms and Conditions Help Me? 

You can take care of all your business needs for growth and scaling by simply joining the Automation Network. We’ll get you onboard and introduce you to the App + Software and then walk you through every step of how to use this exclusive technology. After you go through the app demo, you will be able to leverage the ADC Network as it applies to your company.

Joining the ADC Network is outlined by these program terms and conditions:

  • 2-Year Agreement. Basically, the 2-Year agreement is the timeframe in which we will evaluate your goals, to continue or sell your company for 5X your initial investment. 
  • 12-Month Satisfaction Guarantee. Joining the ADC Network is risk-free as it comes with a 12-month guarantee that you will make 100K of your investment back in 6 months or your 25K back – no questions asked!  
  • Operational Management Training. The ADC Network offers to train three people within your chosen network. This way, you always have a team who knows exactly how to act as a manager of operations
  • UNLIMITED Sales Training. Your team is important to the entire ADC Network, so we provide unlimited training for your sales reps. The entire program can be easily accessed through the ADC app. The program terms and conditions include sales training with professionals. 
  • Lifetime Access to Training Portal. Joining the ADC Network means you’ll also gain lifetime access to our training portal which will continually update. Keeping your long-term employees and growth potential in mind, the training portal is always available. 
  • Monthly Financial Reports. Enjoy reliable monthly financial reports to help you analyze your business model. The ADC Network handles this for you as you collect revenue as part of the program terms and conditions.
  • Weekly “Mastermind” Meetings. Communication is key. This is exactly why we created the ADC app. The ADC Network offers weekly mastermind meetings so you can discuss new developments, changes and growth potential.

If you are one of the thousands of people looking for the right business model – ADC Automated Consultant services are for you!

All Done Consulting has changed the game with this automated customer acquisition strategy. You see, the framework of automated business management varies with each vertical marketing channel. When we created All Done Consulting we wanted to develop more than an exclusive social platform for business, because we wanted a self-sustaining digital ecosystem built on trust. The ADC Network connects everyone including the buyer, salesperson, copywriter, job seeker, the company, and host with a transparent network that reaches each target audience at once. More effective than the largest search engine for jobs, the ADC Network makes user engagement profitable with built-in analytics tools you can actually use – right from your smartphone.

Unlike other internet business opportunities you can find on main search engines, ADC provides an exclusive way to leverage consultant services. While most “make money online” scams set you up to fail, the ADC Network assumes all of the risk and liability. It’s simple: join the ADC Network and gain a proven profitable business with a 12-month guarantee. You will make 100% of your purchase in 6-12 months or we’ll give you back your initial investment with no questions asked!

Call today to discuss your current business strategies and we’ll offer you an inside look into the opportunities available for your target audience. We will give you everything and everyone you need to create a successful business with personal services you can use. It all starts with your FREE call. After the call, you’ll know exactly what to do because … We did the work. We have the proof. It’s ALL DONE.

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