The 3 Part Formula For Closers to 4x Commissions

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The 3 Part Formula For Closers to 4x Commissions

Most closers know that the journey to 7-figure commissions is not an easy one. You’re calling leads that more often than not don’t want to buy from you. Even worse.. You might be down to your last dollar waiting for a deal to close. 

So why not just become a consultant instead?

The New Proven Pathway to Success 

In today’s world you can automate almost anything. With closing it’s not different. In the past salesman would have to find, acquire and build their own lead list. 

And to be one of the top closers? 

You would need to undergo training or find a trusted mentor. 

With consulting automation, you can leverage other people’s experience to sell high-ticket services ($25,000 and above) while collecting higher commissions. 

Consulting = $1,000,000 in Commissions 

In the past, I have acted as a central middle man or “consultant” for automated service providers.

This is how All Done Consulting was born. 

I sold everything from Walmart, Airbnb, Uber and even Shopify automation. 

This resulted in closing over 100 deals and $2MM in sales while netting the close to the same number myself. 

All I did was use 3 simple things to fast-track my success. 

The 3 Part Recipe for Salesman to Close 7-Figures 

 Every sales process comes down to 3 critical components…

  1. Front-end traffic 

  2. Landing page to convert the traffic

  3. Sales systems that turn the traffic into paying buyers

Once you hop inside the ADC Consulting Automation you get all three and more!

You’ll be able to utilize our CRM, call recordings, follow up analytics and marketing training to streamline your success. 

Ready to take your commissions to the 7-figure level? 

Go here to learn more about Consulting Automation today! 


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