The 4 Components to Nailing a Presentation For a High-Ticket Offer

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The 4 Components to Nailing a Presentation For a High-Ticket Offer

Are you preparing to give a presentation for a high-ticket offer? 


Whether it’s to present multiple offers or a sales pitch to land that big deal, there are four key components you need to nail in order to seal the deal. 


Here’s what you need to know…


The Sales Process: How Does It Work? 


For each lead you acquire, there should always be a proven process in place. 


This helps you avoid any confusion and potentially missing a $25,000 deal. 


The first step is the Opening Call. 


In the opening call you’re sparking interest about the offer inside the lead who isn’t familiar with who you are. 


The second step is the Qualifying Call. 


During this we’re digging deep and figuring out if the lead is a good fit for the offer.


Next up is the Video Presentation Call. 


This one may sound straightforward but the goal of this goal isn’t to present the offer…


The video presentation call is where we are actually going to answer every objection lingering in the prospect’s head. 


So let’s get to it. 


Why Do You Need During a Video Presentation Call? 


Some closers bring a pitch deck. Other closers create a proposal. 


Then there’s the few that create a powerpoint presentation. 


What we’ve found works best for automation consultants is this:


  1. Company Deck – explaining the company’s history and successful campaigns. Whether that be you or the automation company itself. 


  1. The Offer Presentation Deck – breaking down exactly how the offer works, the terms, the agreement and profitability. 


  1. References – showing the prospect that others have made the decision to invest into the same opportunity. 


  1. Contract – you’ll want this handy so you can go over the terms in writing on what the offer is and what can be edited to make the prospect comfortable about their investment. 


That’s really all there is to it. 


If they don’t purchase after the call then make sure to follow up with extra information to help them make the decision.


The next step of the sales process is Assurance. 


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