The Buy Hold Flip Multiplier

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My mentor always says, “it doesn’t take a squirrel to crack a nut.”

Well consider this a golden sledge hammer. 

The Buy Hold Flip Multiplier is an unproven ecom automation model designed to maximize the return on investment delivered to a client over an extended period of time. We are currently completing the final phase of our first store sale and will make sure to document the entire process for you, but in the meantime let’s discuss the opportunity. 

The model is fairly simple. 

Buy– an automated ecom store designed to generate consistent cash flow.

Hold– your profiting store until it is mature enough for resale.

Flip– Sell your store for 3-4x annual profit after 3 years (approx 400K)

Multiplier– Use capital to purchase more stores/passive income.

In theory one can turn a 30K investment to well over 400K in about 3 years without doing any work at all simply by purchasing the organized time of highly trained offshore assistants. 

Our Amazon Automation expert and 7 year veteran,  Anoosh Kashefi has begun talks with Flint Herold about selling/buying one of his seasoned stores. In another post we will discuss the intricate details of business buying financing. Flint is connected to a business buying group with billions in assets. 

By completing this deal and delivering the results to you we open the door to a new generation of investment opportunities. 

For the sake of crunching numbers, check out this pitch deck I made for you which shows the exponential returns of buying and selling seasoned ecom stores. 

I know the idea of turning a 30K investment to well over 1 Million in 10 years passively sounds impossible to you but, numbers don’t lie. 

Can we do the deal? Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about ecom automation check out our presentation: How To Set Up A 6 Figure Automated Business In 10 Minutes or Less”.

Or  you can apply now for a free consultation. 

Take a look around at our site, drop a comment and let us know what you think. 

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