The Necessary Evil to Closing High-Ticket Sales

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The Necessary Evil to Closing High-Ticket Sales

There’s an old saying in sales… “The close is the only thing that matters”. 

While this is definitely true, there’s something even more important than the close… 

The Assurance Call. This is the time where you’re able to answer objections and have the prospect sign the dotted line. 

If you’re looking to finally collect that wire transfer and make more high-ticket sales, keep reading. 

The Sales Process: How Does It Work? 

For each lead you acquire, there should always be a proven process in place. 

This helps you avoid any confusion and potentially missing a $25,000 deal. 

The first step is the Opening Call. 

In the opening call you’re sparking interest about the offer inside the lead who isn’t familiar with who you are. 

The second step is the Qualifying Call. 

During this we’re digging deep and figuring out if the lead is a good fit for the offer.

Next up is the Video Presentation Call. 

This one may sound straightforward but the goal of this goal isn’t to present the offer…

The video presentation call is where we are actually going to answer every objection lingering in the prospect’s head. 

Last but not least is the Assurance Call. 

No, we aren’t talking about those pesky telemarketing calls. 

Assurance calls are the necessary evil to closing the sale. 

When done right the assurance call clears up objections and helps you land the wire transfer. 

So what does an Assurance Call look like? 

The Proper Way to “Assure” The Prospect This is THE Offer For Them 

There are a few key factors involved in a proper assurance call. 

Use this list below as a checklist for your references…

  1. Display 100% confidence in the company and the offer. 

  2. Ensure the prospect has reviewed every piece of collateral. 

  3. Affirm that specific content was sent to answer their objections

  4. Make sure they have spoken to your references. 

  5. Confirm they’ve read through the agreement. 

  6. Ask if anything in the contract needs to be revised or changed. 

  7. Figure out their biggest objection from getting started ASAP. 

  8. Redo the video presentation if needed. 

This is how we’ve been able to generate over +2MM in sales over the past 3 years. 

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