Trucking Automaton: 3 Things Every Investor Should Know

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Trucking Automaton: 3 Things Every Investor Should Know

Our world revolves around a consumer based economy in which people spend money on clothes, food, and a list of non-necessities. The logistics industry has been non-stop even during the rocky times of 2020. 

In fact, online sales nearly doubled while people stayed inside their homes. So where does trucking automation fit into this mix? 

Trucking Automation Simplified 

Trucking belongs to one of the longest and profitable industries to date. According to the popular trucking company Transport Alliance, each truck grosses between $4,000 to $10,000 per week. 

Buyers are able to invest into trucks for a company while the company hires the drivers, manages logistics and employees. The Cargo Transport Alliance trucking company reported that investors can cash in on a $500 to $2,000 profit each week… just through one truck!

The best part about Trucking Automation is that this field has very little competition. Meaning there is more than enough demand for trucks. But what about small fleets that aren’t a part of a large company? 

How the Numbers Equal Predictable Profit 

It’s no secret that the post COVID-19 era has created a boom in demand for small fleets. With trucking automation, investors are able to enter into the market before the barrier becomes too high. 

For small fleets, the average truck produces $20,000 in revenue in 25 days (or $4,000 a week on average. 

Let’s say after expenses for the driver and vehicle you end up taking 25% of the profits. 

At the end of 25 days, an investor can expect a $3,600 profit average expenses. 

And if we add another truck to the mix, the profit rises to $7,200. 

This is no-brainer for anyone looking to add a predictable and pandemic proof business to their portfolio. 

So how does a buyer enter into the trucking industry? 

Stepping Into the Trucking Industry 

Here at the ADC Trucking Automation Network, we offer investors a simple process to get their fleet up and running quickly in an organized manner…

Once you decide to take the leap, you’re instantly injected into our network. 

We leverage the profitability of our site, buyers and community to purchase trucks in bulk every 60 days. 

After purchasing the trucks, we give the driver 60 days to collect 100% of the profit to save for expenses. 

In 120 days, you begin to collect 25% of the profit. 

If the driver is not performing for any reason, we replace him. 

Plus if you’re not happy with the profitability or customer service of your truck, no need to worry. You’re backed by our 12-month satisfaction guarantee. 

Just let us know and we’ll buy the trucks back from you. 

Want to learn more about trucking automation? 

Book a call with one of our team members today!  


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