What is Ecom Automation?

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(Learn How You Can Make Ecom Automation Work For You

Ecom automation is a dropshipping business model where you have the opportunity to hire a team of virtual assistants tasked to build you a profitable store on your behalf. 

Your don’t have to pay for storage

Your don’t pay for stock 

You don’t have to waste liquidity stock like with traditional businesses.

We only buy products once they’ve sold at a profit. 

We handle the entire automation process for you. 

What that means is: 

  • We set up your account.
  • We list your products with the highest possible profit margins.
  • We ensure that your account is ranked & continues to generate sales. 

Our system follow four simple steps. 

Step 1: Find Products We have software that tracks and monitors search results to ensure that your store matches market demand. So if people are looking to buy blue couches, we’re going to put blue couches on your store.

 We use only American suppliers and sell only to American customers. But you can buy one of our stores from anywhere in the world. 

Step 2: Add products When you become our client you have a dedicated team tasked to list 200 products on your store per month. What we do to make your store profitable is not very complicated Just very time consuming.

 When we first sell your blue couches on your new stores, You’re not going to have much traction or customer reviews We fix that by launching the store at razor thin margins. Meaning, if we can have to buy the blue couch at $50 We’ll sell it at $50 and 5 cents This makes us cheaper than all of our competitors, meaning sales start to roll in. 

From there our team of virtual assistants reach out to your customers To request reviews  in exchange for discount codes. More reviews = more traffic more traffic =more sales. After about 3 months of following this process night and day your store has around 600 products with dozens if not hundreds of reviews.

 Step 3: Profit Now that you have an established store we instantly raise the price of the blue couch From $50 and 5 cents to $90 dollars and boom. Consistent residual profit. It’ll start out at 300-500/month and grow from there to 1-3K/month during month 3-4

As the account builds up reviews we can list additional products which equates to more profit generated. We’re putting 10 items on the store each day across a month if you take out weekends, it’s about 200 items per month. As more items are added to the store the more reviews are created which equates to more revenue. 

We only use American suppliers selling to American customers. We have software that shows us what people are looking to buy, we match those results with the products on your store.

Other than making a one time investment, there is very little left for you to do other than staying in contact with your support team via Skype and making sure that your inventory account remains funded. 

If you’d like to learn more about ecom automation check out our presentation:

 How To Set Up A 6 Figure Automated Business In 12 Minutes or Less”.

Or  you can apply now for a free consultation. 

Take a look around at our site, drop a comment and let us know what you think. 

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