Why Join Our Free Facebook Group?

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Why Join Our Free Facebook Group?

For more than two years I’ve been a broker in the Automation consulting industry.
For years I sold business opportunities from 10-50K for more than 12 companies.

When representing these companies I often has to create their website, their presentation, their brochures, their emails, the entire script pitch and follow up process.

Very often when representing these companies I was not provided with case studies, references or testimonials to help enforce my presentation. After time I realized that this business model was flawed.

I would do all the hard work, then hope that my business partner could deliver on my word.
Recently I realized how I could offer much more value to my clients while also ensuring that they never have to worry about losing their money again.

I thought, instead of trying to sell my customers on a new business concept every 3 months…
Why not invite them to a virtual community where they can have direct access to ALL the investors I’ve been speaking to for the last 2 years.

I realized… that my website, the fact that it attracts, and converts the trust of high networths around the world… was the most valuable asset of our company.

At that point I shifted from being a business broker to a fundraiser.
Now we have a growing community of investors, providers and consultants working together to create a brand that lasts forever.

So why join our Facebook Group? 

  • It’s Free
  • You get access to a bunch of investors looking to spend 20-50K on automation
  • You get to receive daily updates on how we’re growing our community
  • You get Free live sales training to see how I consistently close the deal for whatever I want
  • You’re getting the exact blueprint on how you can one day develop your own capital group to raise money for whatever you want in life.

Apply Now and we’ll send you some examples of our work!

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