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Dear Future Partner,

If you’re tired of

  • Staring at the charts
  • Failing to take advantage of the next big trend
  • Losing parts of your portfolio by trying to make big wins.

Then I have the perfect solution for you. If you’re reading this letter then you have been handed the keys to making money online.

On Your Term

Let me explain… 

The Opportunity

Use our crypto trading bot to turn one coin into two. Every 30 days.
We have a technology that has the ability to multiply Bitcoins.

All Done Consulting is serving as the front end marketing engine of a private banking institution created to serve as a utility for the marketplace.

We have access to private services that will help a lot of people that the majority of consultants simply don’t have access to. Not only are we willing to guarantee that you will receive a
full bitcoin through our private program in 30 days. We’re also willing to provide
you with a full refund in cash if our technology doesn’t produce as promised.
Will refund the Fiat amount from the point the coin was invested.

How It Works


Once you express interest we will send you our agreement via DocuSign.


Sign the agreement


Transfer the bitcoin to our trader’s wallet.


You will be updated with the status of your coin in 14 days.


Mining program replicates the coin in 14- 30 days. Then you are free to withdraw.

Why this is the Best Model

The Terms

In addition to the guaranteed returns from this trading program. You’re also going to join a network of expert crypto traders that will give you tips on how to diversify your portfolio as it continues to exponentially expand without your efforts.

In addition to this trading network, you will also be giving access to our consulting program that will teach you how we predictably create profitable fiat returns through DFY affiliate marketing.

We guarantee that you will see a full return on your bitcoin in 45 business days or your money back in cold hard cash through our proven funnel that has grossed more than 1MM in the past 6 months.

Automate the Growth of Your Portfolio
Invest Without Stress


You will be given the trader’s wallet link so you can send the wallet to him directly.

Unless you plan on investing 100MM or more you will not see a cap in the number of coins that can be created through this machine.

The bot is using artificial intelligence to mimic the moves of an actual seasoned trader that manages multi billion dollar portfolios for USD, EUR and BTC.

The bot was created by a team of engineers that work in Navy special forces. Our CFO supervised these engineers while they were working in the military.

I joined the mentorship program of a private banking company that saw value in my consulting firm. I work directly with the CEO. I was given the opportunity so I can manage the firm in the next generation. 

I aim to create a liquid balance of 8-9 figures which will serve as a fund to help launch future marketing campaigns for my consulting clients. I also have been looking to raise 800K for a software concept that I patented two years ago.

Currently it is in perpetuity. But to be honest with you the trader wants to deal with the least amount of investors as possible. You should expect to receive a 1:1 return on your coins each month but this opportunity can be withdrawn at any time. You are promised to receive a profitable return through All Done Consulting LLC. 

PS: If you’re one of those people that skip straight to the bottom of a sales letter here’s the deal… I have created a relationship with a private banker that sees the tremendous potential of our business model which is why he’s providing us with private opportunities to maximize our growth. 

We have access to an automated trading bot that will turn one crypto coin into an additional coin every 30 days. Meaning after one month you can withdraw your initial coin while a new one is created every month in perpetuity. 

We are so confident in this trading bot and our technology that we’re willing to offer a 45 day money back guarantee in cold hard cash. (Will refund the exact Fiat amount of the coin the day that you invest.) 

So really there is no risk for you at all. All Done Consulting LLC has been a functioning consulting firm for more than 18 months grossing more than 1.8MM in sales averaging a deal per week for more than 12 companies. 

We are adding our crypto automation wing to establish market dominance over our competitive consulting firms. Our model and business has the track record and proof of concept to back your ($40,000-$50,000 investment.)

Our goal with this program is to help 100’s of Bitcoin holders to multiply their portfolios with our technology while also exponentially increasing the value of our consulting firm by creating a sufficient liquid crypto/fiat balance to back our expanding automation consulting practice. 

Some things sound too good to be true. Some people did the work. 

Offering special private placement deals to clients that decide to join our angel group. 

I look forward to seeing you win. 

All the best,

After the Call You’ll Know Exactly What to Do.

We Did the Work.  We have the Proof. It’s All Done

Ryan Morgan


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