Automation Network: Finance

In This Video We Break Down Automation Network Finance
Finance is the lifeline of any company which requires regular updates, reporting and analysis. If you do not have a finance manager and you are interested in finding a talented provider, we can help. For a LIMITED TIME you can gain lifetime access to finance training for just $100 dollars. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity!

What is this Video About?
If you’re watching this video you’re ready to learn more about how the finance portal of the Automation Network functions. While not everyone is a “numbers,” person, the ADC Network provides an entire team of talented finance experts. If you need support, financial reports or processing, we’ve got you covered. Further if you are someone interested in taking finance training to advance your skill set – this video is for you!

Automation Network Finance

  • Accounting/books
  • Merchant processing
  • Projections/financial forecasting/modeling
  • Valuation
  • KPT’s customer success reporting
  • Operational budget accountability
  • ADC restructuring
  • Securing credit lines
  • Fund creation
  • Client financial management

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This is a limited time offer, and over a 2K value! Joining the Automation Network requires just one payment of $100. You’ll get lifetime access to the app + software, training, job board, company drive and weekly mastermind meetings.


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