What is Consulting Automation?

ADC Consulting Automation is a completely done-for-you service including DFY copywriting, search engine optimization, customer acquisition strategies, content marketing automation and more. Let ADC generate new, high-quality leads for your business delivering the best customer service possible. Unlike other marketing agencies, the All Done Consulting sales team will utilize the automation platform and nurture each customer journey with a CSM representative (customer success manager).

Why Are You Watching This Video on Client Acquisition?

This video was created to show you how ADC consulting automation is NOT just some sales pitch for fast money. In fact, it is a clear plan and strategy to scale the company with documents created specifically for things like 10 million dollar raises. We realized that it would be easier to use this operational document to automate all the projects and processes that we’re working on. This eliminates the need to chase investors or any potential customer. We help businesses with marketing automation and sales automation. The process is simple to scale your online business faster and find your ideal customer – and we’ll save you money on customer acquisition costs!

The ADC app is unlike any other investment opportunity as a 100% hands-free business opportunity. ADC delivers tested and proven ways to create cash flow online with 7-figure sales funnel templates. It’s the blockchain of business buying developed to the lower-investment risk and increase ROI for people just like you, looking for predictable profitability. We created the ADC Network and fine-tuned the proven model over the past 30 months and generated 3.5 million with just 20 done-for-you services. Keeping a high-quality customer experience in mind, we want to develop even higher customer acquisition metrics.

If you have ever had a dream of being a business owner, it’s time for you to take advantage of the ADC Network, sales process, potential clients and reach your business goals. With the ability to reliably hit your target market in any niche, ADC provides you exclusive access to the strategic partnerships you need to succeed. The cost of customer acquisition could be holding you back from success. Use the ADC proven marketing tactics and sales pipeline to leverage the ADC App + Software and enjoy the mobile experience.

What’s This ADC Consulting Automation Video About?

ADC business automation is like an agency that trains, hires and manages your business through an app you can use on your smartphone or desktop. ADC knows that customer success relies on marketing essentials you may not already have access to. Never fear! We’ll assign you a project manager and offer you an opportunity to hire your own staff as well, making it possible to supply jobs to people in your own personal network of fellow business owners. 

Where most online startup companies fail – ADC exceeds client expectations. Use the ADC app to access real time Traffic + Data for more marketplace insights.

Main Points of “What is Consulting Automation?”

  • The ADC Network is highly-trained consultants and a DFY business coach right at your fingertips
  • The organizational hierarchy significantly reduces the risk of investment
  • The ADC Network is designed as the “blockchain” of businesses so you don’t need to protect your innovative planning ideas
  • ADC Network creates a digital ecosystem including buyers, providers and consultants all in the same space so you can find your business mentor
  • Offers 100% done-for-you services in a digital platform for more benefit to clients remotely solving the problem of startup failure for online businesses
  • Weekly mastermind client meetings for full transparency
  • ADC is designed to supply remote working opportunities with office tools, video meeting tools, and shared Google Drive
  • Getting started is so simple. $100 one-time payment gets you onboard. Join the AutomationNetwork, today!
  • As a member of the Automation Network you’ll get 5 things: ADC app access, training, job boards, company drive and mastermind meetings.


Joining the ADC Network is a no-brainer. There is no risk, as the business automation has already been tested and proven to work. It’s simple: join the ADC Network and gain a proven profitable business with a 12-month guarantee. You will make 100%  of your investment back in 6 months or we’ll give you back your 25K – no questions asked! 

It all starts with your FREE webinar. We will discuss your current business strategies, and offer you an exclusive inside look into the most profitable opportunities available. After the call, you’ll know exactly what to do because … We did the work. We have the proof. It’s ALL DONE. 


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Marketing strategy: To educate potential ADC members, drive traffic to 100 Offer, ADC Network Membership and ADC Webinar.

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