Ecom VS Consulting Automation Explainer

In This Video We Break Down Ecommerce VS Consulting Automation 

Consulting automation is transforming business processes all over the world. Today, ADC automation consultants are working rapidly to learn a variety of functions to support our business providers. The ADC Network solves the problem of internet fraud with automated solutions tested and proven to work. Now you don’t need to do any selling, consulting, or marketing with access to exclusive ADC
App + Software. You just need to own a website that leverages your own level of automation and generates customers similar to company owners who own an Amazon storefront or a Shopify store for your E-commerce companies.

Why Are You Watching This Video on E-Commerce vs Consulting Automation?

As an
ADC Network member, you’ll enjoy a superior customer experience and all of the automation tools we have to offer. Use ADC consulting automation to create the online business of your dreams and reach your business goals. Day-to-day operations can cause E-commerce companies trouble during the startup phase. ADC makes running all types of companies easy to do with exclusive intelligent software and mobile functionality

Ecommerce VS Consulting Automation

  • Today, basic consulting automation is changing the game of business ownership for e-commerce companies. Putting buyers, consultants and owners all together builds a genuine network based on trust. 
  • That’s how the ADC Network is able to deliver superior E-commerce customer service and eliminate your routine tasks. We provide the whole team and train yours with copywriting training.
  • If you’re interested in e-commerce companies forget about labor costs, email marketing software, warehouse employees, customer service departments, compliance documents or anything else that bogs you down as a business owner.

The #1 problem facing online business owners today is that about 80% fail during the startup phase. Falling victim to online scammers, most companies do not make it. Add to that, the burden of time commitment, unforeseen costs, low engagement rates and thousands of people give up on launching the company of their dreams. We created the solution with All Done Consulting. Now, without content marketing, selling or delivering you can purchase completely done-for-you automated consultant services. Owning a profitable internet business IS possible! The ADC Network provides a business in a box complete with service teams, marketing strategy, email marketing, referral programs and more. We are going to teach you and your entire team how to become consulting experts so you can build a successful online business.

Is Consulting Automation More Lucrative Than a Regular Ecommerce Website?

The manual processes associated with being an
Ecommerce business owner can be not only deceiving but also difficult. Many people underestimate marketing messages on customer reviews, copywriting, customer demand and supply chain communication, warehouse processes, inventory loss and so much more of what it takes to run an ecom store. ADC takes care of it all with marketing automation platforms specifically designed to navigate each ecom customer journey with mobile functionality via the ADC App. 

There are two main reasons ADC consulting automation is more lucrative than conventional e-commerce.

  1. Profit. With online stores like, an owner may drop ship an item and make, let’s say, $4.00. Whereas with business automation a company owner has the potential to participate in the product testing process. This is not only how ADC develops quality products but also how we hit your target audience and create loyal individual customers. Unlike conventional ecom stores, ADC may already have a lead that gets funded and earns a $1,500.00 commission. Then, the person gets 50k and you sell them something else because you generated the lead. We pay 10 percent on that and you make 5K.
  2. Opportunity. Now think about it in terms of customer service as the ADC Network provides CSM (customer success management). Consider that if one customer comes along and you make six thousand dollars from successful content marketing. Then, you can also imagine your business growing as you leverage the ADC Network and generate more leads. After generating enough leads, salespeople take the job and start running your company. The sales process is designed to work for you! While both models include sales revenue, you can clearly see that ADC ecom delivers a higher-quality customer journey. Plus you’ll have the potential to earn more money with a reliable ROI (return on investment).

If you are one of the thousands of people looking for the right business model – ADC Automated Consultant services are for you!

All Done Consulting has changed the game with this automated customer acquisition strategy. You see, the framework of automated business management varies with each vertical marketing channel. When we created All Done Consulting we wanted to develop more than an exclusive social platform for business, because we wanted a self-sustaining digital ecosystem built on trust. The ADC Network connects everyone including the buyer, salesperson, copywriter, job seeker, the company, and host with a transparent network that reaches each target audience at once. More effective than the largest search engine for jobs, the ADC Network makes user engagement profitable with built-in analytics tools you can actually use – right from your smartphone.

Unlike other internet business opportunities you can find on main search engines, ADC provides an exclusive way to leverage consultant services. While most “make money online” scams set you up to fail, the ADC Network assumes all of the risk and liability. It’s simple: join the ADC Network and gain a proven profitable business with a 12-month guarantee. You will make 100% of your purchase in 6-12 months or we’ll give you back your initial investment with no questions asked!

Call today to discuss your current business strategies and we’ll offer you an inside look into the opportunities available for your target audience. We will give you everything and everyone you need to create a successful business with personal services you can use. It all starts with your FREE call. After the call, you’ll know exactly what to do because … We did the work. We have the proof. It’s ALL DONE.

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