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In This Video We Break Down the Subscription (KPI) Key Performance Indicator


If you’re reading this KPI video blog you’re ready to learn more about automation consulting as part of an online business strategy. With a membership to the Automation Network, you can take advantage of our KPI, also known as a Key Performance Indicator to create beyond-average customer growth. You see, a subscription delivers immediate access to the exclusive ADC App + Software so you can start making business growth consulting relationships right away.

Similar to other apps like Uber or Airbnb, All Done Consulting automation makes the connection between high-level company owners looking for buyers, and consultants. Making this vital connection is the reason the Automation Network was created. You see, a business is more than just happy customers. It includes a variety of repetitive tasks that can take over your time including business model design, marketing efforts, billing issues, sales efforts, customer satisfaction, and of course future growth.

We developed a master course to show each Automation Network member EXACTLY how to turn a $100.00 investment into a 5k monthly commission – and then some. In fact, membership allows you lifetime access to shared information, live weekly Mastermind meetings, real-time schedules, workgroup calendars, app + software, the weekly newsletter, the “Automation Report,” and reliable passive monthly revenue.

Why Am I Watching this Video on Subscription KPI?


Growth rates for the Automation Network are the main focus of our marketing team at this time. As the ADC Network grows, with each foundational subscription business, the value and opportunity for revenue per user will become more clear. As we build the App with content, each active subscriber creates more value for the subscription. During this time period, customer service is a top priority as we usher new members toward the master key funnel course. Getting each individual customer started is how the Automation Network will continue sustainable growth.

Key Performance Indicators or KPI are an important part of understanding the actual performance of an Automation Network member. While the monthly plans are not yet developed each key subscription metric is critically important as the foundation for our subscriber base is built. The annual plan will become more valuable over time as active users connect with mobile functionality via the ADC App + Software.

Automation Network Growth Plan Includes:

  • Bringing 1,000 on board for lifetime access to the App + Software
  • Deliver copywriting training on EXACTLY how to make money
  • Find experts to market their services
  • Put the information within the course
  • Include all business niches as subscription businesses
  • $250 monthly fee when business growth key metrics are achieved
  • 50% revenue of all you bring to the network


The #1 problem facing online business owners today is that about 80% fail during the startup phase. Falling victim to online scammers, most companies do not make it. Add to that, the burden of time commitment, unforeseen costs, low engagement rates and thousands of people give up on launching the company of their dreams. We created the solution with All Done Consulting. Now, without content marketing, selling or delivering you can purchase completely done-for-you automated consultant services. Owning a profitable internet business IS possible! The ADC Network provides a business in a box complete with service teams, marketing strategy, email marketing, referral programs and more. We are going to teach you and your entire team how to become consulting experts so you can build a successful online business.

How Can Subscription KPI Help You?

If you are looking for an opportunity that will not only make you money but also change your life – you found it. For a small subscription fee, you can leverage the ADC Network and everyone in it to build your business with proven profitable funnels. Welcome to our world!

  • (KPI) Key Performance Indicator of the current subscription model
  • Be one of the 1,000 foundational users
  • Unlimited profitability potential with your active subscription
  • A variety of subscription plans are available
  • Developing valuable content to establish a $250.00 monthly rate

Replicating proven business processes is how you can make the most of the investment opportunities through the Automation Network. With ADC Automation Consulting we are able to help every type of business owner, job seeker, and business buyer. By simply making the vital connection with an exclusive App + Software the Automation Network creates valuable content. Over time, as the business opportunity of ADC Network membership becomes more valuable the membership fee will increase to $250.00 per month. 

Right now you can get on board with the foundational team of business partners with a one-time payment of just $100.00. Not only will you gain lifetime access to all of the Automation Network’s benefits but you’ll also be one of the most valuable assets to our automation ecosystem. If you are one of the thousands of people looking for the right business model – ADC Automated Consultant services are for you!

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